Tips on how to plan the perfect stay at home

Tips On How To Plan The Perfect Stay At Home
  • Are you planning a perfect stay at home?
  • Are there any ways you could do this?

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In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the ways you can make your stay a success.

1. Hire someone else to clean the house

This is the first requirement to stay out of work. You will definitely not be working when you are on staycation.

Grab your bike, visit the beach, the mountains, the fresh air and a new perspective. This is what you will be doing. Stay away from household chores… you’re missing the opportunity.

2. Stay in the center

While on a staycation, try to stay downtown for the best facilities. If you are staying downtown, you will have no problem with transportation and availability of other facilities to move from one place to another.

Plus, you’ll save on travel costs. Therefore, you will manage both ends, planning and savings.

3. Plan your meals

Do you feel that something is missing when planning your stay? In case you haven’t planned your eating, let us tell you…your stay planning is zero.

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Food is an integral part of any outing or vacation, party or celebration. Take your time, and flip your cookbooks. Try browsing the internet.

Make a note of new items coming to markets. Call your friends and try them on your own. If you only cook…take it to the restaurant…but don’t eat out, eat at home.

4. Take a tour of your city

As reflected by the introspection of an oriental poet, you visit different countries; you beat your victory over the mountains.

But you didn’t bother to see with open eyes and hearts… trading a few steps, dewdrops on top of the rice paddy. Nothing better describes it.

You have your own beauty. Nature has gifted you with bounty… rivers and woods. Have you visited them all?

Why not honestly say no. So explore your own hometown first.

5. Cycle around the city

This is a must on your list of things to do on your stay. Take your mountain bike or motorbike. Wake up before the sun. Start at a nearby cliff or mountain. It’s better if you do everything yourself. Enjoy the tranquility of nature.

6. Disconnect from the world

Remember, any kind of engagement… whether it’s social media or office chats. It is strictly prohibited. Keep away.

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Believe us; these will spoil and dry up all your stay charm. Simply get your cell phone out of your life.

On the surface, it seems impossible, but if you do, it’s like you’ve arrived on a new island completely unconnected with human intervention. Meditating in the forest. Just try it once. The experience will be like heaven on earth!

7. Enjoy Movies and Game Nights

Book nights for movies. Discuss with your friend and select some movies. Make a list. Transform your home into a mini movie theater. Watch with your loved ones. Enjoy quality time with.

Well, you have another option open.

Organize game nights. Call your friends. Play games like Fifa. Have your chips, popcorn and drinks ready. What are you going to do.

8. New restaurant

Did you get recommendations for some new restaurants? Plan a visit to the site, and you’re sure to have a new experience. Appreciate the best they can offer.

You will be surprised to see the number of restaurants and cafes that have opened in the locality. So, there are no limits to your gastronomic desires.


A staycation is very different from a vacation. So if you’re planning a stay this Christmas, make sure you stick to the above points.

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We hope you have a great stay. Leave nothing behind.

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