Tips for using Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya World of Warships

Tips For Using Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya World Of Warships

Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is a tier 5 premium ship. This ship is one of the ships belonging to the Soviet Union in the game World of Warships. As the Soviet Union’s tech tree is quite different from the other ships in the tech tree, this ship is no less unique than them.

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Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya or in Indonesian means “Revolution Oktober” is a premium warship, as well as the first warship of the Soviet Union to appear in the game. Through this article, I will discuss more about the ship.


This ship’s layout looks different from all tier 5 warships in other countries’ tech trees. While most tier 5 warships have a 2 shots 4 turrets or 2 shots 5 turrets lay out, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya has 3 shots 4 turrets.

Not only that, the placement of the tower on Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is also different. This ship has a turret in front, a turret behind the bridge, a turret behind the chimney, and a turret behind the ship.

As a result, when the user of this ship fires at the enemy ship in front of him, he can only fire 3 of the 12 shots he has. Unlike other warships of the same tier which have 2 turrets in front and at least 2 turrets in the back (the number depends on the number of turrets the ship has).


Let’s get into the ship’s specifications. This ship has a fire caliber comparable to other warships of the same tier, which is 305 mm. Only Kongou and New York have a larger caliber: 356mm.

Even so, this ship has the most shots at level 5, which is 12 shots in total. With a large number, this ship’s salvo fire will scare the enemy if all the bullets hit the target. The ship’s cooldown is 32 seconds, which is pretty standard for level 5.

The firing range of this ship is also quite far, which is up to 16.83 km, that is, almost 17 km! However, you need to remember that this ship is not a sniper, which we will discuss later.

There is one thing that is very important for warships, namely the speed to approach or stay away from the battle. Well, this ship’s speed is included as the third fastest at level five. With a top speed of 23 knots, this ship can pull out of battle if forced without fear of being overtaken by other warships. Only Kongou and Giulio Cesare can defeat this ship.

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The consumables owned by Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya are actually almost the same consumables from other warships at the same or lower tier, namely:

  1. Damage Control Group which serves to repair ships when ships catch fire, flood or suffer flooding due to torpedoes or collisions with enemy ships, and also to repair damaged ships’ armaments.
  2. repair team which serves to increase the ship’s HP periodically.

What distinguishes this consumable ship from most warships in other countries’ tech trees is the Damage Control Group. In the Soviet Union tech tree, the battleship has a limited Damage Control Group, while in other tech trees, consumables are unlimited. As a result, users of Soviet Union warships had to be smart in managing the use of these consumables.

How to use Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

1. Know the shooting layout and the ship’s turret

If we remember carefully, this ship has only 1 turret in the ship parts. So in our minds it’s definitely going to cross this to bring out all the firepower of this ship, it must be done sideways. However, this position would be very dangerous for the ship. Because? Because the ship’s side is the ship’s weak point.

So how can we fire all our shots without having to show the enemy the side of our ship? The trick is to bend or tilt the hull of our enemy ship. That way, all our turrets can aim at the target and the effectiveness of our ship’s armor will increase.

2. Understand ship damage

Do you remember that this ship’s group damage control has limited use? To use it effectively, you must be able to analyze the damage to your ship. Experienced users won’t use it except in a pinch. For example, when your ship is on fire and only part of the ship is on fire, new users will immediately use group damage control to extinguish the fire.

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However, what happens if your ship catches up again? That’s right, you need to wait a while for the cooldown of this consumable to end and use it again. Even so, this will cause you to run out of party damage control very quickly. So, you should use it if you really feel in danger.

Urgent situations that allow quick use of party damage control are:

  1. The ship caught fire in two or more parts of the ship.
  2. Your ship is flooded by torpedoes from enemy ships. Just like burning, flooding will slowly reduce your ship’s HP. However, there is one difference, namely that flooding will slow down your ship’s movement.
  3. Your ship’s engine or rudder is damaged when you are fighting enemy ships, especially cruisers that have a faster recharge than warships.

In addition to the above three situations, it is better to economise on the use of this important consumable.

3. Update

Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya has 3 upgrade slots. Well, I will give a proper Upgrade per available slot. The first wave is Modification of Main Armaments 1. This update provides additional defense to the ship’s existing armaments. This update also reduces the repair time for damaged ship armaments and also reduces the risk of ship armaments being damaged by enemy ships

The second wave is Modification of the Damage Control System 1. Due to the limited use of party damage control, this update is very useful. This update will reduce the risk of the ship being flooded by enemy torpedoes and will also reduce the risk of the ship being burned by enemy fire.

The third slot has a choice between Modification of the aiming system 1 and Main battery modification 2. For each update, I will briefly describe:

  1. Modification of the aiming system 1: An update that reduces main shot dispersion by 7%. This means that this update will make the ship’s fire more accurate. Also, there are several aspects of this ship that you can improve with this update. However, as this is tier 5 and the main source of strength is the power of the ship and the number of shots, the most important thing about this upgrade is its accuracy.
  2. Main battery modification 2: This update serves to increase the rotation speed of the ship’s turret. As this ship has a very slow turret rotation, this update will be very useful thanks to the additional 15% speed to rotate the ship’s turret. It’s just, reload shots will increase by 1.6 seconds.
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4. Commander Ability

Tips For Using Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya World Of Warships

There are 4 levels of commander skill you can choose from to improve your ship’s performance.

Level 1:

  1. Emergency repair specialist who is helpful in reducing consumables wait time by 3%.
  2. Gun Feeder which is useful for reducing reload time when changing bullet type (armor piercing – high explosive or vice versa) by 50%.

Level 2:

  1. Lubricate the gears, which is useful for accelerating the turret rotation by 20%.
  2. Priority Target, which is useful for telling how many ships are aiming your turret at your ship.
  3. Surveillance is useful to help you detect torpedoes early, so you have more time to maneuver to avoid torpedoes. This update will also give you additional protection against 7 torpedoes.

Level 3:

  1. Adrenaline Rush which is useful to reduce the cooldown of all the ship’s armaments by 0.2% every time the ship loses 1% of its HP.
  2. Survival Basics which is useful to give 15% reduction in burning time, flooding and reduced time to repair damaged weapons.
  3. Super-heavy AP projectiles that are useful for increasing the damage dealt by armor-piercing bullets by 7.5%.

Level 4:

  1. Concealment Specialist, which is useful for giving an additional 10% to the ship’s concealment stats.
  2. Specialist in fire prevention that is useful to reduce the risk of fire by 10% and reduce the number of ship parts that can be burned from the normal 4 pieces to 3 pieces.
  3. Emergency repair specialist who is useful to give 1 extra amount of consumable usage (Usually Soviet Union warships can only use Damage Control Group 3 times. With this commander skill they can use it 4 times).
  4. Close Quarters Combat which is useful to give a 10% reduction in main shot reload time when the enemy is within the ship’s detection range.

These are the tips, upgrades and commander skills needed when using Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya in World of Warships.

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