Tips for removing water from smartphone speakers

Tips For Removing Water From Smartphone Speakers

Tips For Removing Water From Smartphone SpeakersOften when using our smartphones, we accidentally put the smartphone in water. In fact, this is very dangerous, especially if our smartphone does not support a waterproof certificate. Even if it has a waterproof certificate, we also have to clean our smartphones from water. Here are some tips to remove water from smartphone speakers.

Often when our smartphones get into the water, we put our smartphones in rice for a few days so that the water in our smartphones, especially in certain holes, dries up, but often under certain conditions we cannot find rice in a quick time, including others. dryers, such as a fan.

If we force to blow up our smartphone, including the speaker hole, it is feared that the water will not dry out, but it will even get into the smartphone and could damage the smartphone because a short circuit may occur. Now with these tips to remove water from your smartphone speaker, the water will be removed from the inside without disassembling.

Tips For Removing Water From Smartphone SpeakersHowever, if your smartphone falls into water, it is not just splashed with water, especially for a long period of time, it is a good idea to turn off the smartphone temporarily to avoid a short circuit. After a little dry, try turning on your smartphone and try the following tips to remove water from your smartphone speaker.

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Steps for tips on how to remove water from smartphone speakers and smartphone headphones are as follows.

  1. Before starting, download and install Speaker Cleaner app from Google Play Store for Android OS smartphones. For those who have an iPhone, you can download and install the Sonic V app from the App Store.
  2. Then open the app, go to the main speaker option. Then maximize the volume on the smartphone to maximum
  3. Then, place your smartphone with the speaker facing down. You can hold it or you can also use the smartphone holder
  4. Then click Start to clean. After that, your smartphone will make a special sound that will help to remove the water inside. This sound causes vibrations at a certain frequency so that the water gradually comes out and runs off.
  5. Once that’s done, change the main speaker’s daei option to Headphone and repeat the process and make sure the headphone is facing down again so the water can drip easily

If the steps above are still not effective, do it several times until the water entering your smartphone comes out. The vibrations produced by the sound played by the app will not damage your smartphone. As an additional tip, if your smartphone has been dropped in salt water, it’s a good idea to wash it with fresh water before starting.

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The reason is that salt water is more dangerous than fresh water because it can conduct electricity faster and can cause rust. Tips to remove water from smartphone speaker can also be done even for certified waterproof smartphones. The reason is that even though the speaker hole already has a protective membrane, it can interfere with the speaker’s sound.

These are the methods or tips that are used for your smartphone that is splashed with water or even dropped into water. That way your smartphone can maintain its performance and you don’t have to do maintenance and even buy a new smartphone. I hope this article can be helpful for those who have gone through a similar incident. Good luck.

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