Tiktok User Data Secure at Oracle – Daily Tribune

Tiktok User Data Secure At Oracle – Daily Tribune

San Francisco, United States (AFP) – TikTok has assured that Oracle will store all of its American users’ data, allaying fears about its security in the hands of a ByteDance-owned platform in China.

The announcement came as the popular video snippet-sharing service evaded concerns about the ability of engineers in China to access non-public information about US users.

ByteDance employees have repeatedly accessed information about TikTok users in the US, according to a Buzzfeed report citing leaked audio from internal TikTok meetings.

It is common for some engineers at internet companies to have access to the data, and TikTok told AFP it is trying to minimize this type of system privilege.

“Similar to our industry peers, we will continue to drive our goal of limiting the number of employees who have access to user data and the scenarios where data access is enabled,” said Roland Cloutier, director of information security at TikTok. , in a post highlighted by the company.

“Our goal is to minimize cross-region data access so that, for example, employees in the (Asia-Pacific) region, including China, have minimal access to EU and US user data.”

TikTok has been adamant that it never gives US user data to Chinese authorities and that it would refuse if asked to do so.

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Last month, TikTok created a new US data security dedicated to strengthening protection policies and protocols to protect user information, a TikTok spokesperson told AFP.

“We have brought in world-class internal and external security experts to help us strengthen our data security efforts,” the spokesperson said.

TikTok will continue to use its own data centers in Virginia and Singapore to back up information as it works to “fully pivot” to trust Oracle in the US, it said in a post.

“We know that we are among the most vetted platforms from a security perspective, and we aim to remove any doubts about the security of US user data,” said Albert Calamug, who handles US public security policy at TikTok.

President Joe Biden last year overturned executive orders from his predecessor, Donald Trump, that sought to ban Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat from US markets over national security concerns.

Trump had given his blessing to a plan that would give TikTok to US tech giant Oracle with investments from retail powerhouse Walmart, but that deal failed to gain approval in Beijing.

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