TikTok filter is missing cause and how to bring it back

Tiktok Filter Is Missing Cause And How To Bring It Back

Do you like to get annoyed when, for example, you are cool on TikTok and TikTok effects or filters disappear? It must be really boring, right?

Now this is also what often happens to tiktokers who like to make TikTok videos, but suddenly the filter disappears.

But before prestigecars.id discusses more about TikTok’s missing filter, here are a few things Score what you should know.

This is the difference between effects and filters in the TikTok app that users often use when making videos.

So if filter TikTok is a way to give the impression of a color change in the video you record.

whereas if Efek TikTok used to add detail to TikTok videos and can be used before or after recording.

These two are often used by tiktokers to make their videos takes looks nicer.

So it’s not really surprising why many people feel uncomfortable when they are again takes video suddenly missing TikTok Filter.

So here the admin will give you information on how to add filters and effects on TikTok so that they don’t disappear.

But before that, you should first read the other information that the admin has prepared earlier below.

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The reason the TikTok filter disappeared

Missing Tiktok Filter

Before we show you how you can use filters or effects on TikTok, you need to know one thing.

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This is why filters on TikTok can disappear when you are recording video through this app.

So, for those who don’t know, filters on TikTok can get lost for a variety of reasons and that’s what you need to know.

The first reason is that the TikTok filter is missing due to an unstable network; so before you start recording, make sure your network is stable.

Second, your TikTok app hasn’t been updated, so there are some features that don’t show up because you haven’t done so yet. update apliasi.

And finally, the reason why the latest TikTok filter is missing 2022 is that you didn’t set this filter when you started recording.

Well, the above three reasons are the reasons why filters on TikTok can get lost and you can’t use them when recording videos.

And to overcome this, of course, you need to pay attention to the three reasons above so that it doesn’t happen again later.

If you already know the reason, then you need to know how to install filters or effects correctly on TikTok.

For the method itself, the administrator of prestigecars.id also prepared a special explanation for the faithful readers of this site.

For this, so that everyone does not lose, how do you do it? context The following effects and filters on Tiktok are explained in full.

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How to set the TikTok effect

The Reason The Tiktok Filter Disappeared

There are several things you can do when you decide to use effects in the TikTok app while recording.

What is it?

So just take a look at the information our team has prepared specifically for all of you, below.

How to record TikTok videos with effects

  • First, tap on the effect that is to the left of the red recording button on the TikTok camera screen.
  • Note that there are several options for effect categories.
  • Pay attention and choose an effect.
  • Go back and tap the recording screen that used the effect.

  • First, select the effect you choose and the visualization you want to favourite.
  • After that, press the effect until it appears on the screen.
  • Then press Bookmark, then the effect will be in the bookmark menu.

Grades :

“Adding effects to your favorites list will make it easier to find them later.”

How to add effects after recording a video

Latest Tiktok Viral Filters

In addition to the two ways context the above effects, there are other ways you should know if you want to record videos using effects.

This method is how you add effects after the previous video recording.

To know how to do this, the explanation is:

Add stickers and emojis

  • Tap on the stickers menu at the bottom of the video editing menu.
  • Then click on the sticker, emoji or gift you want to use.
  • Tap and drag the animation you choose to place as you wish.

How to add text after recording

  • Tap the Text menu at the bottom of the video editing menu.
  • Then select the font type you want, customize it to your liking too.
  • Tap on the finished menu.
  • Then drag the text you created to place it on the part of the video you want.

How to change text size

  • Pinch and increase the text size using your finger.
  • Then adjust the text size to what you want.

How to remove sticker or text

  • Press and hold the part of the sticker or text you want to remove.
  • Then the Delete icon will appear.
  • Move the sticker or text towards the delete icon until it turns red and the text or sticker will be deleted later.

How to set filters on TikTok

Filter Tiktok Viral
  • Tap Filter on the right side of the HP screen.
  • After that, select which filter you want to use.


“Select the manage menu to select one of the filters you want to appear in the app.”

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So, these are some ways you can do when the TikTok filter disappears and you want to appear in TikTok videos again.

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