Tickets sold out in a short time, Aespa adds schedule of shows in America

Tickets Sold Out In A Short Time, Aespa Adds Schedule Of Shows In America

aespa added the schedule showcase those in the United States titled SYNK in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday (6/14) agency SM Entertainment announced, “Aespa Showcase, SYNK in Los Angelesget an enthusiastic response like ticket showcase on June 26, sold out immediately after launch.”

“That’s why we decided to increase the schedule. showcase on June 27″, signaling that aespa will carry out a showcase in the United States for two consecutive days.

after holding SYNK showcase in LA in june, aespa will also hold showcase in Japan titled aespa Japan Premium Showcase 2022 ~ SYNK~ on the 6th and 7th of August.

The space itself is getting ready to carry out come back they releasing mini album “Girls” on July 8. (

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