Thousands of Karanganyar Residents Join Bicycles for Bhayangkara’s 76th Anniversary

Thousands Of Karanganyar Residents Join Bicycles For Bhayangkara’s 76Th Anniversary

Karanganyar, Central – Thousands of Karanganyar residents took a leisurely bike ride to celebrate Bhayangkara’s 76th birthday, Sunday (19/06/2022).

Karanganyar Police Chief AKBP Danang Kuswoyo told several journalists that this joint sporting activity was followed by the ranks of Forkompinda, his party provided a lottery prize worth hundreds of millions of rupees.

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“Community enthusiasm is quite high on joint sports activities in the context of the 76th anniversary of Bhayangkara in 2022. We hope that with this community activity, Karanganyar will be safer and more conducive,” he said.

He mentioned that this was the first time that this sporting activity with the community was carried out in an open way after the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained, currently the case of Covid-19 in Karanganyar has decreased significantly.

The police chief said the decline in Covid-19 cases in Karanganyar cannot be separated from community participation. This decrease also shows that community immunity is improving.

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“However, we still invite the public to take the third dose of the vaccine. So that all community activities function normally and the community economy continues to move”, he concluded. (Iwan-01).

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