This is the location of 9 hidden messages Nine Word Conquest Rumors

This Is The Location Of 9 Hidden Messages Nine Word Conquest Rumors

Are you Genshin Impact players? Does that mean you also know Casm territory?

The Chasm is new territory that is not only fun to explore, but also contains many mysterious secrets.

One of them is the Nine-Word Rumor, which is the latest achievement in Genshin Impact 2.6.

To open it, you must know the location of hidden messages scattered around The Chasm area.

Finding the Secret Message in the Abyss

For those looking to complete the Nine-Word Rumor achievement, you should find the 9 hidden messages in The Cham. Where is the location? Check with me!

Stony Halls (3 Messages)

The first location is on the ground floor of Stony Halls. From the teleport waypoint location, you must slide to the southeast. Then find the first message on the wall near the Hillichurls.

After that, near the south side of Stony Halls, you can find 2 other hidden messages that are next to each other.

Go southwest of the teleport waypoint in the south of the area. Then you will find the ruins of the building, go up and you will find the second message. Then jump to the bottom to find the third message.

Nameless Ruin (1 Message)

Use the reverse teleport waypoint on the unnamed ruin, then swipe down. After that go north to find a Ruin Grader and a hidden message will be near this location. Here you don’t need to fight the enemy to get it.

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Underground Waterways (2 Pesan)

For the next message is southwest of the underground aqueduct. From the teleport point, you cross the broken bridge and then head southwest until you find a crumbling building.

The hidden message is on the outside wall of the building. Then you continue south until you find a broken ladder leading down.

Look to the right, there will be 1 more hidden message to be found.

Blue Pillar (2 Messages)

The other 2 hidden messages are located on the east and south sides of the Blue Pillar. You can use the teleport waypoint to get there faster.

For the first message from the easternmost teleport waypoint, go southeast and look at the wall to your right.

The second message you have to go southwest to reach a platform covered in purple mud. Browse there to find the message.

Main Mining Area (1 Message)

The last message you will find at the main mining location. From the teleport point north, continue north until you find a bridge in a narrow passage.

Use Lumenstone Adjuvant to remove the purple walls that are blocking the way out of the bridge.

Then look across the wall to find the final message. Be careful, because 2 Abyss mages will appear and you must defeat them.

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This was the location of all the hidden messages scattered across the Abyss territory.

You can find them all and next time you will unlock the Nine-Word Rumor achievement.

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