This is how to delete videos on Viu you can try

This Is How To Delete Videos On Viu You Can Try

There are many types of apps on the internet, each with its own function.

One of them as entertainment, like the VIU app. Users can use VIU to watch videos and more.

However, the video can also be deleted. Here’s how to properly delete videos in VIU:

About the VIU app

VIU is an entertainment app for watching videos. On VIU there are several videos that users can watch, ranging from movies, Korean dramas and others. This VIU app is supported by multiple devices.

So users can easily watch via a smartphone, PC or laptop. Interestingly, in this VIU, you have two options for watching videos, namely online and online.

If you want to watch offline, please download it first and then watch movies offline. By streaming videos of Korean dramas, VIU features dramas from KBS, SBS, tvN and others.

Korean drama broadcast only has a difference of 8 to 24 hours after broadcast on Korean TV. VIU also has many services and features that will make viewing more fun.

For example, HD quality is offered, there are Indonesian subtitles for free. However, in order to be able to watch more existing videos, users can first convert them to premium. VIU can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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How to delete videos in VIU

As mentioned earlier, there are online and offline events for watching videos on VIU.

If it’s offline, you must download it first. However, if the user downloads too often, it can make the device full.

If the memory is full, the cell phone will be slow and lagging. In this way, it will certainly interfere with the performance of the cell phone.

For this, it is necessary to delete the downloaded video, if it has been watched. Here’s how to easily delete videos on VIU:

1. Open the VIU application

The first thing you can do when you want to delete a video that has been downloaded from VIU is to open VIU.

Users can open the VIU app available on the device. After opening, the VIU page splash screen will appear.

2. Visit the download menu

So when you are on the VIU homepage or home screen. Then visit the Video menu listed. If you have multiple menus will appear that can be selected with their respective uses. To delete a video, you can select the download menu by pressing the download icon.

3. Press Delete

Then by pressing the download symbol. Then the next page will be displayed.

There, users can press the check button and automatically there will be multiple videos that have been downloaded along with data like size details.

Users can choose which videos to delete. Users can choose videos with large and heavy file sizes.

If you selected a video, press the file and press Delete Download. Wait for the process to finish and the video has been deleted.

VIU is an application used to watch movies or dramas, both Korean and Asian dramas. Watching videos on VIU can also be offline, which must be downloaded first.

If the user wants to delete the video, he can too. How to delete videos on VIU is also easy to do.

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