Thieves steal 18-meter bridge and sell it for scrap

Thieves Steal 18-Meter Bridge And Sell It For Scrap

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Authorities in India are looking for members of a gang accused of destroying an 18-meter-long iron bridge and likely selling the pieces for scrap.

Claiming to be government officials from Bihar’s irrigation department, the thieves used gas cutters and bulldozers to destroy an abandoned bridge in the village of Amiyawar, about 150 kilometers south of Patna, the state capital.

In India, where pieces of metal are stolen from public property to be sold at large ramshackle junkyards for quick cash, selling scrap metal can be a lucrative business.

Residents of Amiyawar believed government officials had dismantled the old bridge, built over a water channel about three decades ago, because it was no longer needed.

Bridge sold for scrap

Villagers had already submitted a request to the irrigation department to dismantle the bridge.

Gandhi Chaudhary, a 29-year-old resident, said people worked during the day for two days to dismantle the bridge with heavy machinery. Residents asked those dismantling the bridge about their identity and were told they had been hired by the irrigation department.

The scrap was loaded onto a vehicle earlier in the week and the site was vacated.

Subash Kumar, the police officer in charge of the case, said the gang had destroyed public property and robbed a bridge. “We have identified some members of the gang, but others are still at large,” he said.

Meanwhile, during the week to Friday, April 8, markets for imported steel scrap to India and Pakistan diverged with prices falling to meet demand in India, while new business in Pakistan increased prices because domestic steelmakers sought more feed and commercial sources said.

Indian buyers continued to shun new business after scrap prices rose by nearly 20% in recent weeks since the start of the war in Ukraine.

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