These are some reasons why TikTok accounts are suddenly blocked

These Are Some Reasons Why Tiktok Accounts Are Suddenly Blocked

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Gadgetren – TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks because it allows its users to produce interesting short videos to share with other users as entertainment.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to monetize or earn money on TikTok with various methods. But keep in mind that your account can also be blocked by TikTok if you violate the agreed terms.

For this reason, you must be careful when producing video content not to violate the rules that have been set so that your TikTok account is not blocked.

So what are the things that can cause a TikTok account to be blocked?

Reason for blocking TikTok account

violent videos

Violations that TikTok will no longer tolerate are videos with violent content such as bullying, beatings, punches, murders, gory content and others.

TikTok itself has strictly enforced regulations that strictly prohibit users from uploading violent videos on their service. Subsequently, if detected by TikTok, the video will be deleted immediately and the account will also be blocked.

sex videos

Of course, almost every social network around the world enforces regulations where users are not allowed to upload videos that are sexually exploitative, nude or otherwise.

This is also what TikTok does so that your videos with sexual content are immediately kicked off the service. Even accounts have the potential to be blocked by TikTok forever.

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threat videos

If a user uploads a video about threatening and extorting someone by posting their personal information such as ID card number, address, mobile number and others, it can cause the account to be immediately blocked because it is prohibited by TikTok.

animal torture videos

While uploading animals is allowed on TikTok, the platform does not allow the creation and distribution of videos that contain animal abuse. Of course, the account will be automatically blocked by TikTok if you upload a video like this.

Reported by multiple accounts

Being reported by multiple accounts can be one of the reasons why a user’s account is blocked by TikTok. For example, a user uploads a video insulting a certain religion, there will usually be many users who will report it so that the account that uploaded the video is immediately blocked.

It could also be that some users who steal videos from other users are reported by many accounts as this is piracy that TikTok should not allow.

cheating actions

Sometimes new users who want to have a lot of followers quickly commit fraudulent actions by buying followers, likes, shares and comments so their account can go up immediately. However, this is certainly not allowed so that when captured by TikTok it will be mercilessly blocked.

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For this reason, in order to maintain your TikTok account, you must do a good job that is interesting, avoiding content that violates the rules. In the meantime, you can also file an appeal if you think you didn’t do anything wrong but were suddenly blocked.

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