There are 8 risks that are not covered by car insurance, drivers need to know!

There Are 8 Risks That Are Not Covered By Car Insurance, Drivers Need To Know!

Anything that is not desirable can happen anytime and anywhere with the means of transport. So from that, it means preventing transport with the right insurance so that all events that cause payments are not guaranteed by one person. However, some of the costs are covered by the insurance industry, whether minor or major damages.

Even so, you also need to be careful as not all car damage will be covered by the insurance industry. What are those things? Follow along in these next points, let’s go!

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Risks not covered by car insurance

1. The impact of the passenger advantage

The means of transport for chakra 4 have each energy charge. For example, a powered bus can accommodate up to 20 people, while an individual car can only accommodate 7 people. If an individual car with a load of only 7 people is used to accommodate 10 people at a time, the insurance industry will not change the damage caused by this incident.

Because, the risk of a disaster is too great. That’s why fill the car to its capacity. If you don’t carry it, don’t force it so that you and the other passengers are also safe on the expedition.

2. The destruction of the impact of the march

Involving individual cars in carnival activities is fun and exciting. However, be aware that this activity is very risky for your car due to the density of tourists arriving. It’s not that it can’t happen if your car gets hit by other tourists.

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Whether the damage is small or large, the insurance industry will not justify your claim. Therefore, never take a car with a carnival if you don’t want to earn individual money to justify its destruction.

3. Crazy for alcohol and drugs

A person who is crazy about alcohol or illegal drugs usually has an easier time dealing with accidents on the road. Because, your conscious energy while driving downhill. The destruction that stands out is ultimately not the responsibility of the insurance industry.

That is the reason why it is recommended to drive in a conscious state to stay away from unwanted events on the track. Where the helmsman can safely arrive at his destination, money doesn’t go away either.

4. Does not have a chip

YES (Message Excuse Driving) is a meaningful message to the helmsman of a motorcycle or car. This message becomes a legal fact if the helmsman has been granted permission to drive alone. For those who dare to drive without a SIM, they will usually be rewarded as per the legal articles.

Not just for the law, this SIM should also be for those who are listed as a car insurance policy. Insurance cannot be claimed if the SIM is not available or the validity period has expired. So make sure you immediately take care of the SIM ownership or extend the validity period when it expires to make claiming easier.

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5. Destruction of wheels or tires

This payment is not included in the insurance guarantee not because you have modified the car’s tires. However, as the defective part is only the tires or wheels, the insurance does not justify the filing of the claim. For, this incident can be indicated as a deliberate attitude of the owner of the means of transport.

It is different if the defect is part of the same, such as tires, wheels and bodywork. This is now for liability insurance because of course it is unintentional. Logically, who wants to smash their car into an electric pillar just to find an insurance claim?

6. The destruction of car accessories

The accumulation of car accessories such as a tag, turn signals or car axles is also not the insurance industry’s responsibility if these items are not listed on the policy. But if registered, you will find the guarantee rate as per the insurance policy.

To get it, you increase the car insurance benefits extension so that car accessories are included in the insurance coverage. Of course there will be a bonus bonus payout as per the policy of the chosen industry.

7. Theft due to hypnosis

Incidents like car thefts are especially vulnerable in developing countries. The risk is also very high, so the insurance industry does not offer protection for this type of irregularity. Because, whether or not the individual means of transport is maintained, it is the responsibility of the owner of the transport equipment. Until then, take your mode of transport seriously. Avoid parking the car in wild parking lots because it is very vulnerable to being stolen.

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8. The impact of personal error

Not only is the damage caused by the owner’s intentional factor, but the damage that occurs due to car theft in a whisper is also not covered by insurance. The industry considers this a form of carelessness by the owner who fails to adequately protect their vehicle.

If you really want to use the car for rental needs, it’s best to let us know in advance. As a result, the benefits obtained are in line with the protection wishes of your personal means of transport.

Pay attention to the provisions and determinations contained in the policy

This is a situation that is not listed in the car insurance warranty payment. For more details, you can read the terms and conditions listed in the policy or ask the insurance agent directly to avoid miscommunication.

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