The ZTE Nubia watch is presented with a 4.01-inch AMOLED display

The Zte Nubia Watch Is Presented With A 4.01-Inch Amoled Display

The ZTE Nubia Watch is an updated smartwatch. Prior to that, Nubia introduced the Nubia Alpha, which includes a smartwatch. The Nubia Alpha itself has been launched since last year. Now Nubia is updating the device to make it more sophisticated.

Nubia has introduced not only a smartwatch, but also a top quality gaming smartphone. So the presence of the Nubia Watch is accompanied by Red Magic 5s. The sophistication of the Nubian device is really very powerful.

Not only when it comes to the specifications of smartwatches and smartphones, both are not outdated. In fact, these two devices are top-notch products due to the advanced technology that has been brought.

Hooray Zte Nubia

ZTE Nubia watch, a cool watch with modern technology

The AMOLED display has been incorporated by Nubia into its flagship watch. Where the screen used has very flexible properties. The screen we wear is completely standard at 4.01 inches.

The screen used by Nubia has a resolution of 192 x 960 pixels with a screen density of 244 ppi. The screen was then protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. The smartwatch will therefore be scratch-safe.

This size is more likely to wrap around the user’s wrist. The body dimensions of this watch are also quite standard. The smartwatch measures 125 x 41.5 x 14.2 mm or the equivalent of 4.92 x 1.63 x 0.56 inches.

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With these dimensions, the ZTE Nubia Watch weighs about 98 grams or the equivalent of 3.46 oz. The design of the Nubia Watch is very elegant. So that users also look fashionable.

del display using plastic. The body is then wrapped with a 316L stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy. This screen looks more sleek and attractive, especially since this smartwatch is wrapped in black.

Platforms and memory

This cool watch made by Nubia is really very sophisticated. Qualcomm’s flagship chipset has become the brain of this smartwatch. None other than the Qualcomm MSM8909W Snapdragon Wear 2100. Then a quad-core CPU with a speed of 1.1 GHz was used.

To support the graphics display, the ZTE Nubia Watch has a graphics processor. None other than the Adreno 304 graphics processor. This top-quality device has an internal capacity of up to 8 GB.

Then the RAM capacity reaches 1 GB and there is no slot for the external memory card. The storage capacity provided by Nubia is actually included in the standard category.

Nubia Watch features

This Nubia smartwatch uses a lightweight aluminum dial. Aluminum was made by nano injection process. The site then uses biomedical ceramics.

Overall, this smartwatch is included in the light weight category. This makes it more comfortable to wear on the wrist. Then the silicone tape used is also very skin friendly because the material is so soft.

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This leather Napa belt is made of calfskin imported from Italy. Then the surface uses silk and the touch is so smooth. No wonder the straps don’t hurt your hands.

In terms of functionality, the ZTE Nubia Watch supports independent calling feature with eSIM from China Mobile. This call was also supported by China Unicorn. Then this smartwatch is also equipped with Alipay mobile payment feature.

Several advanced features have also been built into this smartwatch. These include sports and health monitoring features. It then acts as a weather reminder and a feature to search for my phone.

Not only that, this smartwatch with a cool design is also equipped with a compass. Then plan reminders and more. Some of the above features can be used and used correctly. So that each activity becomes more productive.

This watch, which has been equipped with advanced technology, certainly has many advantages. The ZTE Nubia Watch is backed by a Wake Up move. Its function is to wake up the screen when the wrist is raised.

As one of the watches with advanced technology and full features, the Nubia Watch has been equipped with a variety of eye-catching themes. Among them are simple Japanese who have the concept of colorful, gold and black.

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For color versions, this watch is available in a choice of flame red, armor green and black knight. The ZTE Nubia Watch will go on sale around August 5, 2020. On the official Nubia website, it will sell for about 1,799 yuan.

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