The Viral Getname app, download link and how to use it

The Viral Getname App, Download Link And How To Use It

June 21, 2022

The Getname viral app – The Getname program is hot right now because it can verify the name against a phone number.

Mobile as one of the most important tools for now. Because most of our daily activities require cell phones, like talking to other people.

But have you ever received a call or sms from an unknown mobile number? Of course, this often makes you feel uncomfortable.

Now the good news is that you can now find the name of the owner of that mobile number using the Getname program contribution.

Also, the Getname program can be used to find out how your name is stored in someone’s contact.

For those who are curious about Getname, therefore, read the full information below.

Getting to know the Getname program

In fact, the Getname program is a play on the Getcontact program call. This show became trending after being in the Trending Break Up Kites series.

This program has a special role like the Getcontact program to check the name of the owner of the cell phone number and how his name is put in someone’s contact without knowing it.

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By using this program, you can easily find out if someone’s number is the number of a fraudster, criminal, lover or something else.

Resources sold by the Getname program

It can be said that this program offers a complete number of features that will make its users happy. Here are some of its features:

  • Secure and encrypted chat features
  • Know the contact name of the number saved in someone’s cell phone
  • Show caller ID or owner name of caller from unknown number
  • Securing phone spam from other parties

Download the Getname program

This program is actually a Getcontact program, where some internet users used to say Getname.

This program is already on Google Play Store and App Store. You just need to find the app and click the Install button.

To make it easier for you, here is a download link for the Getname program that you can use easily.

  • Getname Android app download link: HERE
  • Download link for Getname IOS app: HERE

Steps to use the Trending Getname program

To be able to use this program, of course you must have downloaded and installed the application. Here are the steps for using the Getname program that you can follow:

  • The first step is to open the application on the cell phone you are using
  • Then allow this program to connect your contacts
  • Then login to the program using email or facebook
  • So, you can clarify the account via Whatsapp or Telegram
  • Enter the mobile number in the search field to find out the name of the owner of the number you want to identify
  • Specify the tags button, then various names of the contacts you are looking for will appear
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Steps to block mobile numbers in the Getname program

Sometimes, we are often disappointed if someone who is not recognized always calls our mobile number.

By using this program, you can block the number of fraudsters or people who are always bothering you.

For the steps to block it, it’s easy, just click on the settings menu in the Getname program. Then press the Anti-Spam menu in the lower right corner.

Then there are two options to choose from: display a warning for spam and fraudulent calls or block all spam calls. Specify one of the desired options, but it is recommended to choose only the first option.

the final word

This is the most complete and interesting information about the Getname trending program. Hope this article can be helpful and thanks for visiting.

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