The Ten Rings reference by Ms. Marvel from Shang-Chi explained

The Ten Rings Reference By Ms. Marvel From Shang-Chi Explained

** Warning – Spoilers for Mrs. Marvel **

Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 began with an introduction to Najmo and Aisha, but fans didn’t expect it to blink and you’ll miss it Shang-Chi reference.

We offer a summary of the relevant scene of the 3rd episode, we explain what Shang-Chi reference means and see what fans have to say about it.

Created by Bisha K. Ali for the Disney Plus miniseries Mrs. Marvel will be accompanied by Kamala Khan Iman Vellani as her new powers awaken and transform her into Mrs. Marvel. The series will feature six episodes, and the character is expected to appear in upcoming ones as well The Marvels a film directed by Brie Larson, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

Mrs. Marvel from the Marvel Studio Official Trailer Disney +



Mrs. Marvel from the Marvel Studio Official Trailer Disney +





Summary of the 3rd episode of Mrs. Marvel

While opening the flashback Mrs. Marvel Episode 3, Najmo and Aisho can be seen with other genies exploring an Indian temple in search of a bracelet.

A short clip from above showed ten mandarin rings carved into the ground, suggesting a link between gin and weapons from Shang-Chi.

The Kamala Khana bracelet also turned out to be part of the pair, but another bracelet was missing.

Picture from Disney.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings explained

Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings left open one secret for discussion: where do the ten rings come from?

The origin of the Kamala Khan bracelet is also shrouded in mystery, but this opening confirmed that the bracelet and ten rings go hand in hand, as they were originally a pair.

At the end of Shang-Chi’s original film, it was confirmed that the Ten Rings was sending a signal to some unknown party and fans believe it could have been McLuhan.

In the Marvel tradition, the McLuhan dragons are creatures that made the Ten Rings in comics, but fans will have to wait and see if this origin shows up in the MCU.

Marvel fans applaud the references

Fandom Marvel agrees that the studio connects the content of Phase 4 quite nicely, and let’s not forget Mrs. Marvel the series is also designed to bring Brie Larson back as a Marvel captain The Marvels.

Author: Jo Craig – [email protected]

Mrs. Marvel is now streaming to Disney Plus.

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