The technology at Wuling Cortez.

The Technology At Wuling Cortez. – Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) type car is a type of car that is in great demand in Indonesia. The reason is none other than this type of car usually has a spacious interior, so it is suitable for use as a family car.

Seeing the rapid development of technology in the latest cars, Wuling has launched the latest variant of the Cortez series, the Cortez CT which not only comes with a spacious new interior but also comes with full features and is ready to give you a new driving experience. of a car MPV.

Maybe there are some of you who don’t know this car completely. This article will tell you what the benefits of the Cortez CT are, and maybe after reading it you will be interested in going to your nearest Wuling dealer for a test drive or even deciding to have a ‘nice’ Cortez CT.


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There is a new exterior of the Wuling Cortez CT that you can distinguish from the previous variant of the Cortez. The Cortez CT’s face is recognizable by the new modern grille design.

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Meanwhile, the headlamp design uses an auto-bulb LED headlamp that lights up in bright white and features a bold print. There is a keyless entry in the door, the rims use Sporty 16” two-tone alloy wheels.

On the back of the car you will find an emblem that says Turbo on a red background, this emblem explains that the Cortez CT is equipped with a turbo engine that certainly provides a more pleasant driving feeling.


Wuling Cortez CT Machine.

Cortez CT comes with aspects of confidence, comfort and completeness. To increase driving confidence, Wuling supplies this Midsize MPV with a 1,500cc inline 4-cylinder engine powered by a Honeywell turbocharger.

The Cortez CT has a maximum power of 140 hp and 250 Nm of torque sent to the front wheels. As in Wuling Almaz, the turbo engine’s working system in Cortez CT is to utilize the energy of the engine’s combustion which is then used to turn the turbine. After turning, the turbine will turn the turbocharger side.

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In addition to a turbo engine, this new advanced MPV is marketed in two transmission options, namely a 6-speed manual transmission in Type C or CVT (Continuly Variable Transmission) for Types C and L. . the relationship .

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CVT has an unlimited relationship. CVT technology in the car makes every movement smoother, so driving comfort is more pronounced.


Wuling Cortez CT .

Inside, the Wuling Cortez CT dashboard layout comes with a new interior design with softer wood paneling. In addition, the console also uses a shiny motif, and the steering wheel is covered in leather, which obviously makes you more comfortable when holding it.

The electrical settings in the vehicle seat are also present on the Cortez CT. For entertainment features, Cortez CT offers the best entertainment through an 8-inch Head-up screen. For added convenience, it is also equipped with a one-touch button (motor start/stop), stylish electric sunroof, Beautiful Atmosphere Light.

Modern center cluster design with automatic AC, electric front seat adjuster. The Cortez CT’s interior is also extensively designed and offers enough space in each row to provide comfort for passengers and drivers.

Security system

Safety Features on MPV Wuling Cortez CT

Regarding driving safety support devices, Wuling equipped the Cortez CT with Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Hold Control (ESS) (HHC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ISOFIX, Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH), Electric Parking Brake (EPB). ), ABS, EBD, BA, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for front and side airbags.

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With these features, the Cortez CT is ready to go with you and your family in all conditions. For those wanting to experience one of the great Wuling MPVs, or try driving this car, you can test drive it by visiting your nearest Wuling dealer.

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