The original number of Sisca Kohl WA and biological data

The Original Number Of Sisca Kohl Wa And Biological Data

Sisca Kohl’s WA Number – Over the past few days, the YouTube and TikTok worlds have been shocked by the news about Sisca Kohl dating Jess No Limit.

As submitted by jess no limit on May 16, 2022, it shows that they are both compactly calling each other ayang.

Finally, many netizens want to ask directly about the truth, did jess no limit and sisca kohl really make it up?

To order directly you need a whatsapp number and is it true that this is Sisca Kohl’s whatsapp number?

Biography of Sisca Kohl

Full Name: Sisca Kohl

Nickname: Sisca Kohl

Birthplace: Tangerang, Banten

Date of Birth: Wednesday, April 3, 2002


indonesian citizenship

ethnicity: Chinese

Occupation: TikTok Content Creator and Youtuber

Hobbies: Eating, Playing and Singing

Social media :

Instagram :



The last original number Sisca Kohl WA

The Original Number Of Sisca Kohl Wa And Biological Data

Sisca Kohl’s WA number is 087499376xxxxis a number obtained from one of the youtubers who managed to talk to Sisca Kohl, but unfortunately this number cannot be released for privacy reasons and Sisca Kohl does not want to be disturbed.

In addition to Sisca Kohl, it was reported that last year, Jess’s unlimited was also distributed, so there was definitely a friend who was a fad or a bad person who spread his WhatsApp number.

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Sisca Kohl chat rules

Before chatting, there are several things that need to be considered so that your number is not blocked directly by Sisca Kohl, you must be kind and polite when chatting.

And Sisca Kohl is public figure those who are busy, so if you don’t respond right away, don’t be arrogant and say that Sisca Kohl is arrogant.

You are also not allowed to make direct video calls to Sisca Kohl because it will obviously disturb Sisca Kohl’s privacy and your number will be blocked if you force VC.

How to save Sisca Kohl’s WA number

  1. open phone
  2. enter numbers
  3. After that name is Sica Kohl
  4. To save
  5. Then open whatsapp
  6. Search name Sisca Kohl
  7. Talk to the number politely, for example “hello sis good afternoon”
  8. Don’t spam the chat much less Video call

Where is Sisca Kohl’s house?

His house is in Tangerang, but for more detailed information nobody knows about it and it is also a privacy that must be maintained so that few people visit his house.


This is Sisca Kohl’s original and contactable whatsapp number, hope you can get closer to Sisca Kohl’s sister.

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