The meaning of nervous in slang that goes viral on social media!

The Meaning Of Nervous In Slang That Goes Viral On Social Media!

Not too long ago, many people were looking for the meaning of nervous in slang. Are you also looking for this? If so, see the explanation I will give here.

When playing on social networks, of course we often come across a phrase that has just been heard, right? This is naturally natural, because recently new words or phrases keep popping up on the Internet.

There are also slang that only some people understand. And what is being discussed by many netizens is the meaning of edgy in slang.

Have you ever heard a phrase like that? Or are you really looking for it? If so, please refer to the explanation that I will give here until the end, so that there are no misunderstandings in knowing it.

A brief about nervous slang words

Nervous Meaning In Slang

If we go to the big Indonesian dictionary, the word nervous means tense, nervous and not relaxed. Edgy can also be interpreted as an unusual quality, of course it is associated with a way of thinking, tastes, culture, art and much more.

The definition of the word Edgy can also be experimental or Vanguard or the call to be at the forefront of an upward trend. So, it can be concluded that if you have a somewhat unusual style and only you do it, it can be said that you belong to a nervous person.

Edgy is creating a trend or making a trend yourself. If we take him from foreign cultures, it can be said that Edgy is an interest with the aim of social norms to the end. This is usually done as a form of artistic expression that he created.

And now, if we refer to the slang that is currently hype, Edgy is a ridiculous behavior or trait. For example, they often annoy people they meet around them.

This, of course, will be considered cool by the person doing it, but actually this is very annoying and not cool.

The meaning of nervous in fashion

If you’re a kid who always keeps up with the trends that are happening on the internet, you’ve surely heard of Edgy Outfit, right? For those who don’t know, daring clothes have been around since the 70s. Back then, originally the nervous context was just Sharp.

However, there is an added meaning in the fashion world about being bold. Meaning is an innovation or a fashion technique that means leading innovation and trends.

From there, edgy became a word that has something to do with anti-mainstream fashion. Even fashion that has a bold meaning can be considered very strange and unconventional or generally considered unnatural.

What does nervous boy mean?

There is also what is meant by Edgy Boy, have you heard of that? Of course, edgy doesn’t just exist in the fashion world, but also in the music world.

For the meaning of nervous boys is people who will try to look nervous with funny or funny behavior. You could say that this nervous boy is just following his behavior and going against the flow that he should have behaved like an adult.

With stuff like that, being able to do that doesn’t seem funny, but it does feel corny. This, of course, will make some people who see him feel uncomfortable if there is a nervous boy around.


This is the kind of information that only Candidates can give about Meaning of nervous in GauI. I hope the article I publish can help you to know the things that are being questioned.

And thanks for reading this article to the end, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments column I have provided below. Later, we will always provide answers to the questions you ask.

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