The importance of using the virtual meeting room in 2022

The Importance Of Using The Virtual Meeting Room In 2022

Secure access to business-relevant information is essential for the board and executive committee members. Therefore, they need flexible access options: from the office, from home, on board or accessed from a tablet or smartphone.

A council portal, or virtual meeting room, is a fast service that allows the management of meetings, communication and collaboration between the directors and the administration of the board. All informational materials are available to managers on mobile applications or specialized websites. In addition, users can get instruments that make it more comfortable for administrators to schedule, run and study online meetings.

O virtual meeting room software improves communication between specific team members, even if they are located on different continents.

The reason to move to the virtual meeting room

Digitization and the evolution of technology have reached all spheres. For example, not so long ago, paper-based workflows with inadequate transportation and expensive folders to produce were prevalent – extra costs for funding space for storage of records, delivery, and so on.

Now most companies have moved to meeting room management software with essential characteristics: usability, security and efficiency.

Companies that use meeting rooms can count on privacy and the protection of corporate data. The software allows you to solve complicated tasks during a online board meeting, before the session or at the end. In addition, advanced filtering opportunities and tokens make it easy to retrieve documents with just a few clicks. As a result, it increases business efficiency and decreases labor and time costs.

Main Benefits of the Council Portal Services

A virtual meeting room has made its main benefits a must-have tool for companies in all spheres. The most common are listed below.

  1. Integration portals provide near-instant delivery of critical sensitive data to all recipients simultaneously. All document changes, updates and revisions are synchronously displayed to all platform users with the appropriate permissions.
  2. The centralized pass for meeting documents, messages, filing documents, etc., is delivered through a highly secure and secure portal. State-of-the-art integrated document management software protects information with AES encryption, two-factor authentication and more. In addition, company data is protected from malicious external damage.
  3. Secure annotations and online collaboration for directors. All messages, data and minutes of board meetings are archived and can be reviewed later if necessary.
  4. Efficient document production and distribution. Portals are also an excellent paperless meeting solution.
  5. Highly accurate meeting scheduling with the ability to complete transformations quickly.

Key Features to Compare When Choosing Board Portal Software

The first virtual board software appeared in the early 2000s. It wasn’t as advanced as we see it now: it had security issues, storage size limitations, etc. board management software went through several stages of development. Nowadays, you can find many conference room providers offering seemingly similar products, so choosing between them can be difficult.

Below are the main criteria you should assume when selecting a board portal.

Availability of administration management tools

It is essential to understand how a specific service helps administrators more efficiently prepare for board meetings and how information is updated when times, dates or documents change. Also, it will help you compare how much time you spend on it in your current environment with the situation where you will be using the service. At this point, you must also decide how convenient the portal is.

Mobility and easy interaction

Most executives and board members travel a lot. Unfortunately, this routine duty can cause problems because they may not know current news and information about your company in time. With boardroom software, you can ensure that your board of directors is 100% involved in the life of the company. Therefore, it is worth knowing the practicality of the service’s offerings, including mobile applications.


It is one of the essential conditions, as the privacy of board documents and the security of messages are critical. Look to board portal software that protects information and facilitates access. Specify how information is stored (locally or in the cloud), what are the options for saving data in an emergency, etc. Some come with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication.

support service

Here you need to understand which asset level you can count on:

  1. Is there a guide on the platform?
  2. Do you have to pay for support or is it included?
  3. What periods are available and is it multilingual?
  4. What communication channels can you use to contact the support team?

Good corporate governance is the key to the success of any business, and virtual meeting rooms have made life easier for government agencies. They have automated the management of board documents, simplified board meetings, improved cooperation among board members, and reduced organizational costs.

By being able to discuss confidential information securely and efficiently, better board governance is achieved. It gives boards clarity, control and confidence in their decision making. The best software will allow your board to access meeting minutes, sign important documents, create schedule templates, automate meeting planning, and assign and manage tasks – all from anywhere in the world.

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