The first newsletter of the 2022 MLB All-Star Game

The First Newsletter Of The 2022 Mlb All-Star Game

The 2022 MLB All-Star Game, which will be held in Los Angeles on July 19, already has the first ballot of its votes to choose the players who will represent both the American League and the National League.

Remember that the first round of voting, which ends on June 30, will serve to choose the players who will start the event. The second phase of the elections will aim to determine the players who will be reserves.

See how things shape up after the 1st All-Star Ballot update 👀

– MLB (@MLB) June 21, 2022

Everything seems to indicate that Aaron Judge will surpass all of his personal bests in the current MLB season. His 25 home runs and 50 RBIs, top MLB figures, have been recognized by the public and he has earned the top rated position so far.

Mariana Moreno|June 19, 2022Mariana Moreno|June 20, 2022Juan Camilo Vergara|June 19, 2022Juan Camilo Vergara|June 19, 2022

The New York Yankees outfielder accumulates 1,512,368 votes to become the starting outfielder of the youth circuit. His closest pursuer, Mookie Betts, has 1,446,050.

HOME RUN #2️⃣5️⃣[email protected]

– Yankees Baseball (anYankees_Beisbol) June 15, 2022

First base: Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays: 947,045 votes

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Second base: José Altuve, Astros, 710,708 votes

Third base: Rafael Devers, Red Sox, 727,669 votes

short field— Bo Bichette, Blue Jays, 585,744 votes

Gardener: Aaron Judge, Yankees, 1,512,368 votes

Gardener: Mike Trout, Anjos, 1,295,854 votes

Gardener: George Springer, Blue Jays, 622,063 votes

receiver: Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jays, 1,057,008 votes

Designated hitter: Yordan Alvarez, Astros, 835,669 votes

First base: Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals. 930,441 votes

Second base: Jazz Chisholm Jr., Marlins, 634,762 votes

Third base: Manny Machado, Pais, 969,582 votes

Short field: Trea Turner, Dodgers, 811,839 votes

Gardener: Mookie Betts, Dodgers, 1,446,050 votes

Gardener: Ronald Acuna Jr., Braavos, 1,398,563 votes

Gardener: Joc Pederson, Giants, 630,584 votes

receiver: Willson Contreras, Cubs: 801,630 votes

Designated hitter: Bryce Harper, Phillies, 1,059,433 votes

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