The English women are ready to learn from the men as they prepare for the Euro that is coming to an end in their country

The English Women Are Ready To Learn From The Men As They Prepare For The Euro That Is Coming To An End In Their Country

Weigmann’s own experience of leading a host country to tournament success is evident when he led the Netherlands to victory at Euro 2017 and finished as runners-up two years later.

But the 52-year-old admits the situation with England is different from the Dutch experience five years ago and previously described how the Lionesses’ challenge is not to win the support of the home crowd, but to teach players how to win the championship. Football.

“There is another phase. With the Netherlands we are not yet visible.” “We’ve been to the tournaments twice and it’s the first time in the eurozone since 2009.

“England has a much richer tournament history. So England was at a different stage and I think we’ve already beaten the country; yes, we can still win a lot of fans, but expectations here are higher than in 2017 in the Netherlands.

“So we want to make the nation proud and that comes with victories. But after winning the games, play the best game you can use to win.

“Then you enter the process and we work on it. So how can we get control? How do we prepare in the best possible way? On and off the field. What can we expect on and off the field? And just prepare yourself for everything, I hope we can adapt in any situation.”

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Meanwhile, as interest and enthusiasm for the Euro tournament gathers momentum, Wegmann hopes his experience of establishing the Netherlands as a world power will help him – and his players – with the mounting pressure to deal with being a tournament favorite.

“I tested expectations,” Wegman said. “So from the European Championships to the World Championships with the Netherlands, expectations were very high.

“So I’m testing now and also the Olympics, so I know expectations are high here. But that’s the stage football is on in England.

“So we also want to win and we think we have a really good squad so we really have to work, do our best to prepare as much as possible and play the best game possible from July 6th to July 31st and then we go from game to game prepare the game.

“Before the tournament, we manage expectations on and off the field. And then we have the team plan, we talk to each other, we communicate with each other. We know our plan and we keep it small within the team.

“In the environment we are in now, there are a lot of good teams. So, if we play the best game possible, the chances of winning are great. But it could happen that another really good team is on the field and we take it.” ‘Twin.

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“Okay, you’re going to be very frustrated, but you can still be proud of yourself because we did everything we could and I think if we play our best we can have very high chances.”

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