The Billionaire’s Proxy Bride Chapter 3188 – XH Tales

The Billionaire’s Proxy Bride Chapter 3188 – Xh Tales

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Chapter 3188

Melisa kissed his thin lips hard, but he didn’t respond, his whole body was cold as a piece of wood.

She was a little irritated and a little anxious,

She opened her mouth and began to bite Jetter, then bit the corner of his lips.

A faint scent of blood wafted into his mouth.

Melisa stopped and looked at the place where he was bitten in anguish,

“Husband, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, are you hurt?”

Jetter looked at her blankly, “Is everything okay? I will work. now.”

He turned to leave.

Melisa couldn’t stand him like this anymore,

She grabbed him and pushed him hard, and they both fell onto the big, soft bed.

“Don’t you want to work? Then you can go to work when we’re done!”

Jetter was lying on the big bed, Melisa intimidated him and started kissing him on the neck,

Showing off her feminine charm to the fullest, “Husband. , I love you,”

“I really love you, and you love me too, right let me feel your love?”

She unbuttoned his shirt, and her hand fell over his strong muscles, wanting to light a fire to burn each other.

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Soon her hand reached the black belt around his waist. The next second, his hand froze and the entire person was stunned…

There was a feeling of frustration, and his body showed no interest in her.

No answer, she played for so long, he didn’t answer at all.

He didn’t answer, how could she go on?

Obviously he didn’t do anything, but Melisa felt he had humiliated her from the inside out.

She’s a joke, a clown.

Melisa looked at him angrily and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Are you not interested in women anymore, or are you not interested because that woman is me?”

Jetter reached out and pushed it out of his body, then sitting up,

He lifted his slender fingers and casually buttoned his shirt back,

“Don’t think about it, it’s not good for your health, go to bed early.”

His laziness and a bit of indifference and decadence make him particularly charming.

He was vaguely the wild and undisciplined young man, but he was much more serious and inspiring.

Melisa’s eyes were red, as she was bright and beautiful and happy in the eyes of outsiders, but these were all illusions.

In fact, she’d never gotten the warmth and love she wanted from Jetter, and he’d never touched him in the last three years.

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Her body didn’t respond to her.

At this point, Jetter buttoned his clothes, got up and left.

Melisa yelled at him, “If, if that person were Christel,”

“If she were sitting on top of you, would you still be so nonchalant?”

This time Jetter didn’t stop, he left the room.

In the study.

He was sitting in an office chair with a pile of documents in front of him,

But he had no intention of working and continued smoking.

His mind was filled with the kind and pretty face,

And the sticky rice ball beside her, the mother-daughter figures hovering in front of him.

Three years ago, he knew that such beauty did not belong to him, it was far away from them.

He remembered that in her room two nights ago, she was talking to him,

The two weren’t close, but the scent of her body invaded his nose and mouth.

Jetter was a little upset, he stuck out his tongue and licked his thin, dry lips.

He put the cigarette to his thin lips, then squinted and tightened his belt.

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