The best smartphone for photography has several options

The Best Smartphone For Photography Has Several Options– Hello friends, as we all know that being a personal photographer doesn’t have to have an expensive camera, there are many smartphones that have good cameras to become photographers, there is usually a box feature in each smartphone brand, which the distinguishes from others.

there are several well-known brands that provide camera quality that is qualified to learn to be. There are many photographers looking for a smartphone with good camera quality, just to replace a pre-personal camera.

Well, this time the admin wants to import there are several smartphones that can be chosen, to learn how to take pictures. Those who have good cameras, who can be trusted to learn to take pictures, who can. Produce sharp images, let’s see which smartphone brands you can trust to learn how to take pictures

The best smartphone for photography There are several options

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

5 Best Android Smartphones Suitable For Photography

for friends looking for a smartphone that has good camera quality exists. Xiaomi Mi 10 pro that might be an option, this smartphone has capable camera quality. This can be trusted, this xiaomi smartphone has a high resolution camera,

This xiaomi Mi Note 10 pro is equipped with a camera, yes it is 108 Mp. You can get this smartphone from Xiaomi for a price of around Rp. 6.999000, and you can get it. Share photos with reliable results,

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Oppo F11 pro

5 Best Android Smartphones Suitable For Photography

The second option is the Oppo F11 pro smartphone that the admin can recommend, this smartphone has a price. Priced at around IDR 4,000,000, this smartphone has a camera resolution that can be. Options with 48 MP and 15 MP main cameras, friends can take pictures. With a photographic resolution of 12 MP to 48 MP.

samrtpone oppo F11 pro might be a friend’s choice because it’s a smartphone. This Oppo F11 pro has a hidden camera or one that can be used up and down or pop up. With a 16MP rear camera, friends can produce clear images

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

5 Best Android Smartphones Suitable For Photography

Next up is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra if you’re looking for it smartphone with a sophisticated camera for photography and the price is quite expensive, you can choose the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The rear camera has a resolution of 108 MP which is equipped with spatial zoom or skill enlargement up to 100 times.

Read too:

The front camera has a resolution of 40 MP. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra at a price of around Rp. 12,899,000 to Rp. 16,499,000.

choice range smartphone The above android is suitable for photography needs, so you can produce satisfying photos to upload to your social networks.

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5 Best Android Smartphones Suitable For Photography

In addition, there is the Vivo X50 pro smartphone which has a 32 MP front camera, while the rear camera consists of 4 cameras with 48 MP resolution, 13 MP telepo periscope camera, using this Vivo X50 pro smartphone you can capture clear images. ,

even when you are in a dimly lit room. Because the Vivo X50 Pro+ camera can control noise and do white balance on camera it looks natural and still gets good results

if you use smartphone android or smartphone android from vivo Indonesia, you can join a community called vivo CLUB Indonesia. In this community you can discuss many things such as technological developments and smartphone photography.


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