The best OJK safe stock investment app

The Best Ojk Safe Stock Investment App – In the digital age, people are already thinking about how to invest properly and correctly. One of them is buying and selling stocks online.

Young people between 21 and 28 years old start trying to invest or invest in stocks.
Because currently there are many stock investing apps under the auspices of OJK (Financial Services Authority) that provide ways to invest for beginners.
Even so, there are still a lot of fake investing apps out there, so we can’t just use stock investing apps.

The stock apps themselves are truly capable of driving change and changing the mindset of today’s millennials. Trends like this show no signs of stopping this shift; In fact, with the current investment prospects and ease of access offered, it seems to have caught the attention of many investors around the world.

However, for anyone new to the world of stocks, it is natural to encounter a little difficulty regarding the best safe and reliable stock trading apps. So make sure you read this explanation carefully as we will discuss the best OJK stock applications that no longer need to be questioned in terms of investing or buying and selling stocks because they are under the auspices of OJK.

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Seeds from one of Indonesia’s pioneering stock apps that you can use to buy and sell stocks like mutual funds. In addition to mutual funds, this app also offers various mutual fund options such as money market, bonds and others.

The advantage of the Bibit application is that each user can register online, buy and sell mutual funds for free without any fees, investments can be withdrawn at any time without penalty. So that you can determine the choice of investment path based on income and funds to be allocated.

Seeds can adjust risk to suit your financial habits. In terms of security itself, this application is already under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so it is quite safe and reliable.

The advantages of the Bibit stock market app are that registration can be done online, mutual fund purchases are commission-free, investments can be withdrawn at any time without penalty and with Robo Advisor you can choose an investment path based on your income and funds.

You want to allocate and adjust your investment allocation according to your risk profile. For safety reasons, these seeds are also included in the officially registered and controlled OJK stock order.

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Bareksa is the first integrated financial and investment market in Indonesia, and orders for Bareksa shares have also been officially registered and overseen by the OJK. Through Bareksa, you can buy shares in the form of mutual funds. Bareksa is one of Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance’s trusted distribution partners to sell government bonds online.

The advantage of Bareksa is that registration can be done online, there are more than 150 mutual fund products, more than 50 investment managers and various payment methods so you can make transactions faster and easier.

Through Bareksa you can carry out the process of buying and selling shares in the form of mutual funds, and this application is also one of the distribution partners that has won the trust of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in the retail sector. process of selling SBN (State Bonds) via virtual or online.


IPOT is a very popular stock trading app among investors. You can buy shares on IPOT after registering as a customer.

This application is quite complete, starting with buying and selling stocks, mutual funds and also other interesting information.
In addition to good app services, Indo Premier often holds various types of seminars, both online and offline, to encourage investors to invest.

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IPOT is also one of the equity platforms created by Indo Premier Sekuritas. The advantage is that each user is not subject to a minimum deposit limit, so we recommend it especially for beginners who want to try to compete in the stock market or trade with a low cost of capital.

Thus, the commission charged for each transaction is 0.29% and the share purchase commission is 0.19. How affordable? Furthermore, each user can register online without having to go to an agency. There is a Robo Trading feature that facilitates trading with the help of AI.

That way, it will automatically execute all orders and instructions to buy and sell stocks at a predetermined price, so you don’t have to be afraid to miss the moment.

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