The best office apps to get work done

The Best Office Apps To Get Work Done

Hello friends, this office app has been a valuable productivity hub for many years. I also use it for a variety of purposes, including compiling documents. Create spreadsheets and presentations and keep track of what’s happening.

The Best Office Apps To Get Work Done

No productivity package is complete without them. And almost everyone uses it, even children.

The atmosphere of the office suites has changed very little in recent years.

Existing apps have also improved in this period. But it takes a monumental launch to win the championship in office space. Here are the best current office apps for Android!

AndrOpen Office

The first is the first Android port of the popular open office. It comes with a full suite of office applications. This includes word processing, spreadsheet functions, presentation apps, and a few other things.

You also get a drawing app and an equation editor (for your spreadsheets). There’s not much to say, to be honest. It supports most file types you will find.

The editor and processor are more than powerful enough for most things. Also, it is completely open source and free. It has cloud storage support for google drive,, dropbox, onedrive.

And your personal hardware, if you have one. This is a powerful free option, even if there are a few bugs here and there.

Travel documents

Docs to go is an old app that has been around for a while. However, it is still getting new features and updates. And it also has the basics like word processing, spreadsheet editing and presentation editing.

It does a very good job. To let you guys do these things without a lot of configuration. The paid version unlocks password-locked files.

Save to (and load from) cloud storage sites. And sync files to your desktop. This is not good in all situations. But it is one of the most solid office apps.

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Google Drive

Google drive is a favorite among my readers and many others. It has a complete set of office applications. Includes pdf viewer, google docs, google spreadsheet, google slides.. Unity service as hub.

It’s really just a cloud storage app. Where you can view files or create new ones. Open any document in google drive. You will automatically open the appropriate application.

Everything is completely free, except that you need to expand your Google Drive space. You get 100gb and packages range up to 10tb.

This is an excellent all-in-one solution. For the most part, a simpler use case.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft is having a lot of fun publishing its mobile office apps. They instantly became one of the best after them. You can download microsoft word, excel and powerpoint for free.[overpointsecaragratis[owerpointsecaragratis

Most of its functions are available without paying a penny. You will be able to open and save the file. Uses most editing tools and more. These files can be synced to your desktop via OneDrive.

You can get an Office 365 subscription that will unlock some additional features. However, it is not necessary for the basics.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is basically what the name says. It allows you to control your Microsoft PC remotely from your mobile device. It takes a while to set up.

You have to prepare your PC for remote access. And then connect it with this app. Nonetheless,

After that, you can basically do whatever you want. This includes accessing your office software on your real computer.

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It’s a strange solution, but entirely legitimate. Chrome Remote Desktop is another great app. Which basically does the same thing. Microsoft remote desktop not working properly on chromebook

But be aware of future updates that may add functionality. Microsoft has recently discontinued previous versions of this. So I updated the link to the new one.

office suite

Officesuite is an old favorite for many. This app has changed a lot since its early days. At the moment, the developers seem to be transitioning the suite. Be something closer to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

That way they have a cloud storage solution on top of the office environment. Most of the basic features are available in the free version and that’s good news. The paid version allows pdf scanning.

Microsoft compatible font pack, spell checker and additional document support. It is one of the best common office apps. It is also among the most expensive.

Polaris office

Polaris office is very similar to officeSuite. Used to be a nice simple office suite. This app is no longer simple or small. It has a lot of features including the basics as well as annotations. Document search, encrypted files and support for multiple formats.

This includes pdf and microsoft documents. The free version can be used if you can put up with the annoying ads.

It offers extra features like skills. To use it on more than three devices along with extra cloud storage.

The subscription model isn’t great, but the free version is still good. For simple things as long as you don’t mind the ads.


Quip is one of the new office apps on the list. And also one of the few free ones. It has a small but decent set of features. This includes the ability to collaborate on documents with others.

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It comes in the form of a chat that you can use. To talk to people while editing documents. You will also have support for spreadsheets. Sync across devices, offline support and multiple export options.

It also has cloud storage support. Quip hasn’t been around since other office apps. But better than many of them.


Smart Office is one of the rare free office apps. Apps used to cost money. However, at some point, they decided to release it for free.

It comes with all the basic features as you would expect. Includes support for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It also comes with support for Microsoft Office documents from 2013 and earlier.

You can also use it to preview. And save pdf files, various image files and wmf and emf file types. The interface is clean and simple. This is a good option for those who don’t need much.

WPS Office and PDF

Wps office was once called kingsoft office. Regardless of the name change. It remains one of the most popular office apps on Android.

Some of the features include viewing and converting pdfs, doing basic stuff. (Documents, spreadsheets, presentations) and more.

It also comes with wireless printing support, support for Microsoft file types. And support for 46 languages. Wps is one of the best free office apps.

There’s an optional subscription that includes things like cloud storage. However, it is not necessary if you are already using google drive or other solutions.

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