The application used to create a VoIP server is

The Application Used To Create A Voip Server Is

Educationnews – Many don’t know this server VoIP can be done easily using the app. The app used to make server VoIP is FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and more. So you don’t need to use a command prompt or complicated terminal.

So if you want to do server VoIP, must know which applications can be used. This allows you to do server VoIP easily and quickly. Furthermore, most of these applications are open codeof course you can use it for free.

What is it server VoIP?

So what is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is a technology that uses IP (internet protocol) to provide voice communication directly real time. VoIP is very important to ensure that the internet works properly.

Usually, server VoIP can be run using the operating system on the PC. One of the most recommended operating systems is Ubuntu because it is flexible enough to run Asterisk packages.

Historically, VoIP used IP to connect private branch exchange (PBX). However, the term is now used interchangeably with IP Telephony. So what is the real purpose of enabling VoIP?

VoIP enablement aims to provide voice communication over the Internet, LAN or WAN. Full stop VoIP includes apps softphone that runs on phones and PCs, dedicated desktop VoIP phones, and browsers that support, support WebRTC.

Apps used to make server VoIP is

There are several apps you can use to do this. server Easy VoIP. It’s easy because you don’t need a terminal or command prompt to do it. Almost all these apps open codewhich means you can use it for free.

Various parts also work together to develop the app builder server VoIP for better and less mistakes. Below are some applications to make server VoIP you can use:


The first application that can be used to create server VoIP is FreeSWITCH. Initially this application was based on Asterisk which was created by three developers. They are Brian West, Michael Jerris and Anthony Minessale II.

FreeSWITCH Focus on modulator and cross-platform support, which means it can be used on multiple platforms without any issues. In addition, this app also focuses its functions on stability and stability.

This app is highly recommended if you want to create your own UC Suite. FreeSWITCH also supports H.323, SIP, for WebRTC.

This application can take advantage of technological advances that make it easier to integrate so that it interacts with the PBX platform open code other. FreeSWITCH also makes use of libraries Software that can reduce complex systems.

In essence, this app will make your system work properly. Don’t forget, there’s a regular calling feature in FreeSWITCH too.

two. Asterisk

Then the application used to create server VoIP is Asterisk. So far, you can say that Asterisk is the best app to create server VoIP and PBX open code.

As an open source application, Asterisk has a lot of cool features that you can maximize.

Asterisk is designed with standard PBXX features, which already have interactive voice response, conference calling, regular voicemail, automatic call distribution and so on. With Asterisk, computers can become server Communication.

Asterisk even offers live web training so users can easily manage this application. It doesn’t stop there, this application is also supported by Digium. Digium itself is software open code which is free.

3. Elastix

Initially, Asterisk-based Elastix offered Software server the integrated open code. It includes IP PBX, IM, Fax, email and even collaboration functions. Thus, Elastix is ​​also highly recommended to do server Easy VoIP with no hassle.

Elastix also provides applications open code others are useful, such as HylaFAX, FreePBX, Postfix and Openfire. When viewed as a whole, this app is not very different from Asterisk because it has the best features but in a user-friendly interface.

In addition to support Software open code, Elastix is ​​also supported by hardware like Dinstar, Yeastar, Snom, for Yealink. These applications are solutions to ever-changing needs, all free under the General Public License (GNU).

4. toll-free PBX

Next comes FreePBX, the application open code that you can use to make server Free VoIP. This application brings user interface site-based so that users can easily manage the FreePBX system.

FreePBX is also a creator app server VoIP based on Asterisk, so the functions and features are not very different. This can be an alternative if you want to use other apps to create server VoIP.

All FreePBX packages are very useful to do server VoIP such as Asterisk, OS configuration, FreePBX GUI and so on. With this application, making server You can do VoIP easily without any hassle.

5. SIP foundry

Finally, there’s SIP Foundry, an app you can also use to create server VoIP. This app too open code, you can get it for free. Many say that SIP Foundry is a competitor of Asterisk because it has the same good features and advantages.

This app, which was founded in 2004, offers the same solution as Asterisk. With SIP Foundry, you can create your own voice and video communications. In fact, this app allows you to do unified messaging, conference, instant messaging for mobile clients.

The app used to make server VoIP is multiple. There is no significant difference because almost everything is based on Asterisk or has the same features as it.

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