The ability of Bond Forger, Any’s big cute pet dog

The Ability Of Bond Forger, Any’s Big Cute Pet Dog

In the 11th episode of Spy x Family, it was Anya who managed to get Stella’s star and decided to ask her parents for a gift. He intended to ask for a dog and the dog was named Bond. Bond Forger is no ordinary dog. What are the strengths and capabilities of Bond Forger?

Becky as one of Anya’s best friends At school, Anyi suggested that she keep a dog at home as her pet.

Even this Becky suggestion was finally taken seriously by Anya, especially after she also learned that Damian Desmond also has a dog with him.

Anya thought she could get closer to Donovan Desmond’s second child with the same pet.

After informing her parents, Loid agrees to Anja’s proposal and plans to buy a large dog that will later be able to protect his family from unwanted things.

Anya, who knew Loid’s thoughts, then jokingly said that the dog she wanted was a cute dog to play with, not a scary, fierce dog.

At the end of episode 11, it turned out that Anya eventually met a large white dog with an expression on her face that looked calm and not fierce.

If you refer to the mango, the dog is Bond, which has been named Bond Forger after being adopted by the Forger family.

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Interested in a dog that is Anye Forger’s pet? Let’s discuss.

Bond Forger at first glance

Bond Forger In Anya
Bond Forger in Anya

In the manga is the encounter between Bond and Anya in Chapter 18. After searching the pet store, Anya could not find a dog she would like to adopt.

Anya then looks for other options by going to an animal shelter with Yor, as Loid had to prevent an assassination attempt on the foreign prime minister at the time.

At the animal shelter, Anya finally found Bond, who was then interested in adopting him as a pet.

The bond between Anya and Bond looks very strong. This makes a lot of sense, since Bond isn’t really an ordinary dog ​​either. It has a similar past to Anya, where Bond was once the subject of research.

At the time, Bond was called “subject 8“From a research project called”Apple project”.

A study carried out by the Ostania regime with the task of making highly intelligent animals of different races or species.

At the time of this research, Bond was actually treated badly, often given disgusting food, hit with high-voltage electricity, and injected with certain substances.

However, the new government finally halted the survey, and all entities, including Bond, were eventually discarded and ended up on the black market.

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It doesn’t stop there, bad things are still happening to Bond. He eventually falls into the hands of a terrorist conspiracy with President Keith Kepler, who will be trained by Bond for suicide attacks.

Eventually, the dog was adopted by the Forger family, and Anya gave the dog the name Bond, inspired by one of the characters she often saw in the Spy War series.

Advantages and abilities of Bond Forger dogs

Cute Bond Forger
Cute Bond Forger

Because Bond is a dog that was once used as a research object, Bond has abilities or powers that other normal dogs do not have.

In addition to a good level of intelligence, Bond Forger dogs also have the ability to see the future.

Bond’s abilities become more interesting when Anya decides to adopt him. Why is that?

As we know, Anya in the anime Spy x Family has telepathic abilities that can not only read other people’s thoughts, but also understand the emotions of animals very well.

Bond’s ability to read the future can finally be understood very well by Anya because of his telepathic abilities.

Although he was frequently abused when he was the subject of research and trained as a suicide bomber by a terrorist conspiracy, this Bond incident did not change him at all, probably because he had good intelligence.

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Bond often saves a lot of people with its powers. Bond once rescued a child who was supposed to fall off it, but Bond managed to avoid the incident.

And the most interesting thing is when Bond and Anya get involved in an adventure to save Loid from an explosion that could essentially endanger Loid’s life.

Bond with his abilities sees an explosion in the building that shows the last moment between Anya and her father. Bond hints that Anya must stop the incident.

In the end, Anya and Bond managed to save Loid from the explosion.

Since then, Bond and Anya have had a more special relationship, Loid also agreed that Bond will be his pet because Bond is not seen as a serious dog.

Anya is also the only person who can understand Bond very well, thanks to her ability to read minds, including animals.

The Forger family is now getting warmer and more exciting, thanks to having Bond as their pet with all their might.

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