Telegram Premium released, here are 8 cool features offered

Telegram Premium Released, Here Are 8 Cool Features Offered, Jakarta – Telegram Premium has finally arrived. This new Telegram subscription service allows users to get a variety of exclusive features at a very affordable price.

reported Telset from Android Authority on Tuesday (21/6/2022), Telegram on its official blog explained that Premium will bring several features that were needed by users.


“Premium allows us to offer all the features that many users have requested over the years, while maintaining free access to the messaging service,” Telegram wrote.

Exclusive features in Telegram Premium


There are many new features offered to users. Starting with increasing the maximum file upload limit to the absence of advertisements on the service. Below is a complete list of all features of the Premium service.

Fitur Upload 4GB

Paying users can upload and upload files up to 4GB. Meanwhile, the regular free version of Telegram is limited to just 2GB per file.

Even so, free users will be able to download 4GB files uploaded by paid users.

Faster download features

The next feature of Telegram Premium is faster download time.

The company says that premium subscribers will be able to download media and other files at a faster rate than the free version. The download speed will follow the network quality on your smartphone.

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“You can access everything on your unlimited cloud storage as fast as your network can keep up,” says the company.

Can follow many Telegram channels

Telegram Premium users get higher maximum limits regarding channels they can follow and folders created.

Premium can track up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, pin 10 chats to the main list, and store up to 10 favorite stickers. This amount is double what Telegram users get for free.

Audio to text conversion features

Paid services allow users to convert voice messages to text. Users can also rate transcripts to improve their quality.

More stickers and reactions

Premium tier users will have access to additional stickers with full-screen animations, as well as 10 new emojis. All stickers and reactions will be visible to premium users or free users.

Chat management features

A new chat management tool has also been added for subscribers. Anyone who subscribes to this service can change their default chat folder so that the app always opens in a special folder.

Subscribers can also automatically archive and mute new chats.

Animated profile pictures and premium badges

Premium subscribers can post animated profile pictures to their accounts. They then receive a special premium blue star badge next to their name in the chat list, chat header, and group member list.

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Redesigned app icons

Premium customers can design app icons however they like. Telegram gives you the option of a new premium star icon, night sky or turbo plane icon so that the Telegram icon on smartphone is different from other users.

no ads

Just like Premium services in other apps, Telegram Premium will appear ad-free so users are more comfortable accessing the short messaging app.

Telegram premium price

Telegram Award

Premium Telegram will cost between USD 5 and USD 6 or IDR 74,090 and IDR 8,907 per month.

To get a new Premium subscription, you must get the latest version of the app, such as version 8.8 for iOS App Store and version 8.7.4 of the app from the Play Store.

As for the launch of this product, it seems that Telegram is releasing it gradually because when we opened the Telegram app the Premium service was not yet available.

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