Tantan Mod Apk 2022 (Unlock All and Premium VIP Members)

Tantan Mod Apk 2022 (Unlock All And Premium Vip Members)

Tantan Mod Apk- Thanks to the development of sophisticated technology, there are many things you can do using digital technology, one of which is interesting that you can find a partner using an app.

The app is already popular because it can make users find the partner they expect, there are still a lot of people who don’t know about the app.

The app is the Tantan app that can help you find a partner for life, for you singles, have you ever tried to find a partner through the Tantan app? using this app can make it easier for users to find a mate.

But to find a mate or partner easily you have to become a VIP member, which means you have to pay or buy the premium version in the app, then you can already become a VIP member.

The advantage of being a VIP member is that you can easily swipe, which will make it easier to find a partner for life, but you will have to pay some money.

You don’t have to worry, thanks to the presence of Tantan Mod Apk you can become a VIP member without having to buy the premium version, the Mod Apk version has other cool features.

Curious? this time we will discuss Tantan Mod Apk app, for those who are curious, please see our discussion below.

About Tantan Mod Apk

Tantan Apk

This Tantan Mod Apk app is an app that has been modified to add some cool features that will not exist in the original version.

This app is very popular as the best matchmaking app where by doing some swipes you can get friends and even partners, in this modified version you can swipe many times and you can also change the location to find the best match.

To get along with everyone more freely, it is not wrong for you to use this app, you can freely find friends and even partners like you.

By using the features of this Mod Apk version, you can easily get a partner, then you can communicate with them through various methods like video calls, via chat, photos and videos.

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Where there are some cool features like an open VIP version without having to pay or buy it, not only that, there are still a lot of cool features in it.

Curious about what features were provided in Tantan Mod Apk? We have summarized several lines of features that have been provided in this Mod Apk version as follows.

Main Features of Tantan Mod Apk

Tantan Apk

As you already know, feature service in Mod Apk version is superior to official version because Mod Apk app has been modified with cool features added which you can access for free.

Later you can get all the features and also apply them by using this Mod Apk both on Android and iOS devices.

With the availability of these features, you can use the app freely and at ease, here are several apps that you can get.

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1. Unlock the VIP

In the official version of the app, to become a VIP member you have to pay or buy using a predetermined amount of money, it is different if you use this modified app.

One of the beneficial features of using this modded app is that you can access VIP without having to pay or for free, so you don’t need to pay to subscribe to this app.

You can easily access all premium features in VIP, so you can freely use this app and also full facilities that make it easy for users to access.

2. Exclusive Badge

Later in this modded app you will get a unique title or badge which means there is a sign for you VIP members so you can enjoy the app more optimally with premium access.

3. Unlimited matches

In this app, the official version of Tantan, you can only play matches a few times a day as there are limitations on the part of the app, so you should always be careful to play matches with other people.

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It’s different if you use this modded app, you can match as you like without any restrictions, you can find friends and even partners more easily with this feature with no match limits.

This feature has high flexibility, so many users are comfortable with this feature.

4. Unlimited Pass

With the unlimited swipe feature, you can swipe freely without limitations, you can easily find someone who feels good for you.

Also, once you find a match with the person found, you can communicate directly via chat, video calls, and photos.

5. Privacy guaranteed

To provide convenience to all users, Tantan Mod Apk app has implemented features that can limit each user so that you can hide personal data and online status.

In addition, you can also disguise your name or use a pseudonym as this feature can optimally protect user data.

6. No ads

In the official version of this app, there are often ads that pop up at any time, of course, it will get in the way of user comfort, but if you use this Mod Apk app, you will no longer be bothered by ads passing by, so you are more comfortable using this app.

Because this modified version has implemented a feature technology which is able to block all ads so you are comfortable using it.

7. Unlimited likes

Whatever you like, of course, you can enjoy enjoying it or giving gifts, in the original version of the Tantan app for this there are limitations, with this feature you don’t have to think about it.

Because in this Mod version you can like anyone and anytime.

8. Can communicate with non-friends

This cool feature is very beneficial as it can help you to communicate with other users even if the other users are not your friends.

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With this feature, users can communicate widely, you communicate with whoever you want, with this feature it can let you make friends or partners easily.

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Download Tantan Mod Apk

Want to try it right away? Once you already know the excellent features that are provided to the users, you can access all these features for free.

For those who want to try it right away, we have provided a Tantan Mod Apk download link for free. Below that.

Name Tantan Mod APK 2022
Model Enrollment
Capacity 102 MB
Launch 2022
download https://download.kuotamurah.co.id/tantan-vip-mod/

How to install Tantan Mod Apk

After downloading the apk, the next thing you need to do is install the apk so that you can use it right away and enjoy all its features.

For those who are still confused about how to install this modded app, we will help and guide you so that you can install it. As follows:

  1. The first step, you have to download Tantan Mod Apk file from the link we have provided.
  2. If it has, you must enter the settings or settings on the mobile.
  3. Then enter the privacy or security menu.
  4. Then look for the unknown source option, click or check the option to enable it.
  5. If so, look for the file you just downloaded.
  6. Look for it in the file manager and then in the download folder.
  7. Find Tantan Mod apk and press it.
  8. Just click install or install.
  9. Wait a few moments for the installation process to complete.
  10. If so, then you can use it right away.
  11. Done.

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That’s all that Bfirun.id can convey about Tantan Mod Apk, I hope what we said can be helpful, for you, thanks for visiting this article from bfirun.id.

That’s all we can convey more or less sorry, both in terms of typing and information. Thank you and good luck.

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