Synopsis The Oath of Love Sub Indo

Synopsis The Oath Of Love Sub Indo

web.fonetekno. with – Synopsis The Oath of Love Sub Indo is one of the Korean dramas that is currently popular among young people.

Recently, watching streaming movies on the internet and streaming apps are in great demand by netizens.

Also, more and more streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, We TV, Iqiyi and many others can be accessed very easily on any device.

The latest movies have also emerged so that many viewers are even more interested in watching them.

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One of the movie titles that is currently popular among young people is the movie The Oath of Love Sub Indo Korean Chinese drama.

The Oath of Love Sub Indo

Chinese Drama The Oath Of Love (2021) Synopsis On Wetv, The Love Story Of Two Wounded People And Their Lives Are Ruined - Jombang Update
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Unlike the usual drama, the movie titled the oath of love This is a series from China.

It was first broadcast in 2021 in its home country, this time in 2022 it is available on streaming app services and can be watched via the We TV app.

Starring many well-known Chinese actors, this film series will provide a spectacle that will make you feel excited as you follow the plot.

The Chinese drama The Oath of Love tells the life and romance of a young cellist and a doctor.

Synopsis The Oath of Love

His father fell ill and had to be hospitalized, he finally had to give up the job opportunity that was waiting for him and broke up with his girlfriend.

All your hopes and dreams for the future were dashed. At this moment, Gu Wei, the doctor who treated his father, entered Lin Zhi Xiao’s life.

Love has a tendency to approach you when you’re not looking. Two people who had been hurt before gradually met and fell in love.

They go through doubts and hit the road, experience disagreements and difficult moments, but in the process of falling in love, they realize that they were made for each other.

Watch the continuation of the story of the Chinese drama series The Oath of Love, which can be watched through your favorite streaming app.


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