Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Unanswered Questions

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Unanswered Questions

Editor’s Note: The following text contains spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty.Summer love happened very quickly with the belly (Lola Tong) inside The summer you looked beautiful. As she comes of age, she makes friends and starts a couple during her vacation at Cousin’s Beach. The series is based on Jenny HanThe book trilogy is the latest teen drama to pique the interest of viewers on social media. Combining the perfect recipe for a love triangle, season one, and a catchy soundtrack, the Amazon Prime original is fun and easy to dive into. Given that the show was officially renewed for a second season (even before the first season was released), there were several stories in this first chapter that were left open and likely to reappear in the near future.

Here’s a brief overview of all the questions that come to mind after the season one finale, as well as what might happen to beloved characters in the upcoming season.

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Belly is related to Jeremiah or Conrad?

Although Billy was determined to let go of his Conrad obsession (Christopher Brinny(Step away and try something new with your little brother Jeremiah)Gavin Casalegno), the ending left viewers confused about their decision. Because Jeremiah left her on the dance floor without a partner at the first dance, Conrad walked in and knocked her down again. Despite their apparent relationship, Bailey did not end things with Jeremiah. In the final scene of Season 1, viewers saw Billy and Conrad sitting on the beach openly talking about their feelings. After Conrad apologizes for the way he treated her all summer, they finally share a kiss. Problem is, that same kiss probably made the whole love triangle more complicated. At the end of the day, someone will end up getting hurt and there will be tension between siblings guaranteed. After all, both Jeremiah and Conrad care about Belly and will do everything they can to win her heart.

Will Susanna continue cancer treatment?

At the beginning of the series, Susanna (Rachel Blanchard(blond)Jacky Cheung) talked about Susanna’s re-diagnosis with cancer. As her previous cancer treatment had not been successful, she accepted the fact that she would die within the next few months. As a last wish before her death, Susanna tells Laurel not to tell the kids about her medical condition and to let everyone enjoy their last summer vacation together. However, once Jeremiah finds out the truth, he and Conrad have the chance to openly talk about it with Susanna on the couch. Both beg the mother to reconsider the treatment, in the hope that she will heal and spend more time with them. Reluctant to go for another round of testing and medical care, Susanna finally announces that she has made up her mind and will seek help. This leads viewers to wonder whether or not Susanna will get treatment and, more importantly, whether she will recover afterwards. One of the main stories of Season 2 will likely deal with her path fighting for her life.

How does Stephen go to college?

Another character faced ups and downs The summer you looked beautiful is Steven (Sean Kaufman), Billy’s brother. The character is eager for a letter of acceptance to Princeton and is trying to raise money through his summer job at a diner. All seems well once Conrad and Jeremiah’s father advises him to take a position as a waiter in the club’s card room. There he earns a lot of money through generous tips from participants in the poker game. Due to his success in helping some of these players win their rounds, Steven is invited to play a game of poker with Liam (Conor Hammond) and other rich kids. However, his plans to double his college money go awry when he loses all of his savings in one night. Despite being offered prom money again, his pride gets in the way, and he still doesn’t have the money to go to college or the means to afford fancy dates with Shayla (mini mills).

Will Stephen and Shayla remain a couple?

Speaking of Stephen and Shayla, the duo had some rough times in season one. After they started installing in early summer, Stephen Shaya cheated on Billy Taylor’s best friend (Spencer rain). Once she accidentally reveals a drunken belly to Shayla, she quickly ignores what came out of her mind after Stephen tells her he loves her and wants her to be exclusive. However, this was not the only flaw in their relationship. After Steve loses all of his poker money, he can barely accompany his date to the new dance because he can’t afford a suit to match her expensive tastes. While that issue is also resolved, these tensions could indicate that there will be more challenges awaiting these two.

Is there a future for Cleveland and Laurel?

Divorced writer and mother of two, Laurel doesn’t seem to be finding another love match. Devoting her attention to her best friend Susanna and her children, she has no time to search for the perfect suitors. However, love knocks on her door when she meets another writer in town named Cleveland (Alfred Narciso). Though the two weren’t shocked at first, they eventually let go of their guards and had a steamy romance. However, this is not enough to make your relationship a priority. Given Susanna’s medical condition and her responsibilities to care for her children and her friends, she ignores his request to accompany him to a literary festival in Santa Barbara in the fall. After that conversation, Laurel’s ex-husband stated that the reason their marriage didn’t last was because of his devotion to Susanna. As she always gave a gift to her best friend, she never put her marriage first. This dialogue between them may lead Laurel to rethink her future romantic relationships. She crossed her fingers that she and Cleveland would eventually have a chance to be together.

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