Sultan Selangor orders continuation of 46th “Bon Odori” – slap to Prime Minister Ismail, Islamic extremist JAKIM & PAS

Sultan Selangor Orders Continuation Of 46Th “Bon Odori” – Slap To Prime Minister Ismail, Islamic Extremist Jakim &Amp; Pas

Bon Odora (not to be confused with Bon Jovi) is a festival which has been celebrated in Japan for centuries. Obon or just Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of their ancestors. Odori means lively dancing. That is why Bon Odori is a family gathering where people return to the places of their ancestors’ families and visit and clean the graves of their ancestors – by dancing in it.

In Japan, the dance – which lasts three days – is usually performed during the Obon summer season. Dance, which is recognized as a nationally important intangible folk cultural asset, originates more than 700 years on the harvest festival, which began around the late 1280s. Some say that the origin of Bon Odori dates back to the Heian period (794 to 1185).

No matter when Bon Odori began, it existed before Parameswara founded Melako. In Malaysia, the festival dates back to 1977 to promote and strengthen cultural ties between the country and Japan with a presentation of Japanese food, drink, art and dance. Since the small affair for Japanese expatriates, the annual event has since attracted about 35,000 attendees.

Bon Odori Festival - Malay Participants

The Japanese Bon Festival actually originates from the Ghost Festival in China, celebrated by Malaysian Chinese on the 15th night of the seventh month (August 12, 2022). On this day, it is believed that the “gates of hell” open and that the dead return to their living relatives. Both festivals are part of a Buddhist confusion custom that needs to be respected and remembered ancestors.

However, as speculation about the 15th general election grows louder, the Islamist PAS party thought it could play its favorite religious card to catch votes. On June 6, Idris Ahmad, the minister for religious affairs, advised Muslims not to attend the upcoming festival because it contains elements of other religions – based on a study he conducted WHAT (Malaysian Department of Islamic Development).

Idris insisted on treating Malaysian Muslims as if they were so ignorant that they could not distinguish between tampons and french fries, insisting that the Bon Odori festival could confuse Muslims. The PAS young women’s wing – Ameerah Malaysia – went so far as to ban dance altogether, saying it was “haram” or Muslims are forbidden to participate in a religious festival that honors the spirit of the dead.

Idris Ahmad - Minister Of Religious Affairs

The next day, Mufti of Penanga Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor told Muslims not to participate in the Bon Odori festival because they feared it could lead to “syirik” (polytheism). He said: “Because the festival is associated with the memory of the souls or spirits of ancestors, there is a fear that it could lead to polytheism. Remembrance of ancestral souls through dance, worship of their spirits and others is not encouraged in Islam.

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Following cancellations over the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bon Odori festival will take place at the Shah Alam Sports Complex in Selangor July 16 this year. In Penang, where the festival has been held for the past 10 years, the State Committee for Tourism and Creative Economy said the state government has no plans to cancel an event scheduled for July 30th.

It is astonishing that the Sultan of Selangor today (June 8th) issued an order to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) not to hinder “anyone” from attending the festival. Not only Sultan Sharafuddin decided by the religious department to extradite Bon Odori, the monarch also expressed his dissatisfaction with the dubious study conducted by JAKIM on the banning of the Japanese traditional festival.

Sultan Sharafuddin Of Selangor

After being summoned to the palace, JAIS Director Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad was told that the Sultan I do not agree by decision of the religious department. With his tail between his legs, Mohd Shahzihan said: “His Majesty believes that there are many cultures associated with religion, but religion is not necessarily present in a culture.”

The Malaysian Islamic religious department may be too stupid to understand the message, but the Sultan of Selangor basically scoffed at them – “You can take PAS-Malay from the Kampong (village), but you can’t take Pampong from PAS-Malay.” But the Malay Sultan did not end with the radical, extremist and narrow-minded PAS leaders who often act as if they are God’s messenger.

The religious department was shocked when Sultan Sharafuddin ordered JAIS and Shah Alam city officers to attend Bon Odori to see with your own eyes what is actually going on during the dance festival. Apparently, the monarch himself has attended the annual festival in the past and has not found anything that could confuse, let alone corrupt the Muslim faith.

Bon Odori Festival - Malaysia 2022

The basic common sense is that if Bon Odori is such a threat to the faith of local Muslims, quite a few of them would have abandoned their faith lately. 45 years since the introduction of the festival in the country. The fact that no Muslim was influenced to join the Bon Odori sect proves that it is nothing but a harmless festival to entertain everyone.

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Now that the Sultan of Selangor has decided that Bon Odori is harmless as a baby, will JAKIM, as the federal government agency that manages Islamic affairs in Malaysia, dare go against the state monarch? If Minister of Religious Affairs Idris Ahmad remains silent, it will not only undermine his Islamic credibility, but also prove that PAS leaders are a bunch false holy men.

Do not flock to the country to visit the graves of your ancestors Hari Raya aidil filters (Eid Al-Fitr) for prayer and cleansing the area? Isn’t this also an event that honors the spirit of the dead in one way or another? Is playing firecrackers or giving “duit raya” (money) in sealed green envelopes part of Islamic teachings to begin with?

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri And Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

The royal decree is not just a slap in the face the corrupt and extremist Islamic parties JAKIM and PAS, as well as Prime Minister Ismail Sabri. The egg turtle, which returned from a six-day trip to Japan last month, celebrated its first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun as it created new opportunities in all sectors to bring tremendous benefits to the country and its people.

Hell, the prime minister even blew his horn that his policy had strengthened Malaysia Look at Eastern politics will promote the “Keluarga Malaysia” concept by sending more than 1,000 Malaysians to gain work experience in Japan. If Sabri does not intend to send non-Muslims, the government festival against Bon Odora means the prime minister is to blame for exposing Muslims to Japanese culture.

In the past, Sultan Sharafuddin of Selangor has rarely expressed his views or disagreements on religious matters run by JAIS or JAKIM. For him, this now means that the country is on the way wrong way which could lead to extremism and economic destruction. The World Bank has warned that most countries are on the verge of recession – even the possibility of a return to “stagflation” from the 1970s.

Jakim Building

Not only has the World Bank lowered its forecast for global economic growth by almost a third to 2.9% for 2022, the situation could worsen. World Bank President David Malpass said global growth could fall to 2.1% in 2022 and 1.5% in 2023, bringing per capita growth to near zero. Whether the Islamic party JAKIM or PAS knows what it is doing stagflation means?

It has already been severe that foreign investors are fleeing the country like a plague due to political instability and an undesirable investment climate. The last thing Prime Minister Ismail and Malaysia want to see are Japanese companies like Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co Ltd, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsubishi Power and others. stop or oblique their trade investments in the country due to religious extremism.

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The Sultan of Selangor has every reason to be angry. The anti-Japanese festival has been widely reported in Japan. Shah Alam, the venue of the Bon Odori festival, is home to several large Japanese manufacturing plants such as Panasonic, Sharp and Shin-Etsu Chemical. Clearly, diplomatic and trade ties between Japan and Malaysia could be severely affected if the affected companies boycott Malaysia.

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia

This is not the first time he has been a sultan clashed with JAKIM over religious matters. Two months ago (April), the monarch declared that JAKIM could not issue any statement regarding the decisions taken by the Muzakarah Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs (ICC) after the Conference of Rulers appointed Sultan Sharafuddin as ICC President.

The Prime Minister, formerly the President of the MKI, was demoted as Deputy Sultan of Selangor. This move was made mainly because the arrogant JAKIM repeatedly abused his position as a federal government agency under the Prime Minister’s Department in order to usurp the area monarch as leader of Islam.

In December 2021, Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin issued a royal decree banning politicians preaching Islam in the country. The decree was specifically addressed to the Islamic Party PAS. This was not the first time the palace had stripped politicians of their pedagogical accreditation. The Council of the Royal Court of Selangor made a similar decision in March 2019 and again in August.

Hadi Awang - Worries About Losing Power

PAS extremists were outraged by the royal decree because it would affect the Islamist party’s ability to spread fake news and lies among Malay voters. PAS leader Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani was adamant, arguing that a ban would only increase disunity among Muslims. He even spread dangerous rumors and fears that the royal decree would allow the enemies of Islam to “rejoice”.

PAS leaders riding in Islam also went so far as to conspire with the backstage government of Muhyiddin and falsify the repeal of emergency laws without the consent of the palace, a move equivalent to the usurpation of royal powers in 2021. This was the act of waging war against Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King), a crime punishable by death – “death penalty”.

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