Stupid investments: what are the features?

Stupid Investments: What Are The Features?

While I’m happy to see so many new investment services popping up, I’m also surprised to see more fraudulent investments popping up. The funny thing is that, looking at the news coverage and people’s stories, more people get stuck in fraudulent investments than people who participate in legal and correct investments.

If you are reading this article, you must be on the right track as you are already using the OneAset app. But I still want to share some characteristics of fraudulent investments that you can share with your friends so that no one else becomes a victim.

  1. Offering unreasonable benefits

This is the easiest to see, but it’s also the easiest reason to lure potential victims. Someone asked me: how big is a reasonable return?

In fact, just look at the potential returns of other investment products. P2P lending ranges from 11 to 24% a year, stocks have historically provided 14% a year and short term trading can provide up to 30% a year or more.

From there, we actually already know that above 20% a year is really too high, so if someone offers the potential to earn a dozen percent in a matter of weeks or even days, it’s clear that it doesn’t make sense.

  1. Fake social media account

There is a new trend where fraudulent investments try to imitate the brands of legal investments with the intent and purpose of deceiving potential victims. My asset, one of OneAset’s products, was also imitated by a group of fraudsters.

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If you’re not a social media activist, it’s really hard to tell a real account from a fake one. Note the following: Fake accounts often lack the blue check symbol, their names have some typos, too many punctuation marks (especially periods, underscores, and dashes), and their content lacks engagement (likes, comments, and follows) very much. . There are times when fake investment accounts buy followers and likes, so be careful to see if the account engagement looks genuine or not. Try checking some of the account’s followers, is it an empty account that has no followers?

  1. Get dozens of testimonials in one day

One of the new tricks used by fraudulent investments is to create an investor group on Telegram and use many bots that send dozens of positive testimonials to the group in hopes that potential victims will be fooled into thinking the testimonials are genuine.

In my opinion, it is very easy to distinguish fake testimonials from real ones. Fake testimonials tend to use similar words and always include account mutations. Think about it: as much as we are satisfied with an investment service, are we going to make a screenshot of our account’s mutation available for public consumption? Obviously this is very strange and makes no sense. If you are still curious, you can also check the Telegram or Whatsapp profiles of the people who sent the testimonials: are they members of other investor groups? Are those in other groups talking about anything other than testimonials? And also do a number lookup on a number tracking app like Getcontact to see if the person’s number has a good reputation.

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Also, don’t easily believe transfer proof screenshots that are often edited. Fake transfer receipts often censor the recipient’s account number. This mode is also often used in fraudulent activities under the guise of an online auction.

  1. Transfer requested to account in personal name

Legal investment never asks us to make a transfer to a personal account. If we invest in equities, we will transfer it to an account in our own name called RDN (client fund account). Similarly with P2P lending, we will transfer to an account in our own name which is called RDL (Lender Fund Account), or a virtual account which is also in our name. For mutual funds that have a custody account system, the transfer destination account will be opened in the name of the product in which we are going to invest.

So if you are asked to transfer to an account in the name of an individual for investment, be careful!

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