Ssssttt !!!, It turned out to be the best stock list for 2022

Ssssttt !!!, It Turned Out To Be The Best Stock List For 2022 – Stocks have become a popular investment instrument as many people understand that rich people around the world have stocks. In addition, everyone also has a way to make money playing different stocks.

The best stocks in the long run become the target of everyone and not those who save in other forms. Because stocks can make better profits than other investment instruments.

In Indonesia, the best stocks always get a better place. This is because many people are beginning to understand the importance of the existence of future savings. One of the easiest ways to access the best stocks is mutual funds.

The best long-term stocks in Indonesia

So far, bank stocks still dominate at the highest level of the economy. So here are some of my recommendations on the best stocks you can buy for long-term purposes.


BRI Bank has the BBRI code as the code on the Indonesian Impact Exchange. BRI Bank is still suitable for use as a long-term investment due to various aspects of strong foundations and very low risk of bankruptcy. BRI’s profits are also quite large.

In March 2022, BBRI managed to generate revenue of Rp 30.92 trillion, an increase of 13.3%. BBRI, on the other hand, received Rp 12.17 trillion in net profit, an increase of 78.24%.

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BBNI may be an option for those looking to buy underlying stocks. BBNI is quite capable of being used as a long-term investment because it has a better risk management profile and a fairly attractive valuation.

In March 2022, BBNI managed to generate revenues of 11.08 trillion or a 36.97% increase. Currently, BBNI has a market capitalization of IDR 170.31 trillion.


Bank Mandiri (BMRI) also works very well. In addition, on April 28, 2022, BMRI managed to reach the highest closing price in the last year, which was 8 Rp. 950

In March 2022, BMRI managed to achieve a revenue increase of 25.36% and total revenue reached Rp 25.71 trillion.


One of BUMN’s giant industries, Telkom Indonesia, has been providing telecommunications services and serving citizens for many years. TLKM has a market capitalization of IDR 457.67 trillion. Although the last closing price faced a rather deep correction, TLKM is still facing a 10.53% increase in share value since the beginning of 2022.


ADRO is one of the issuers of mining, which has a fairly large market capitalization. Since the beginning of the middle of 2021, the ADRO share price has continued to strengthen, especially so far.

ADRO has a market capitalization of Rs 106.83 trillion and managed to generate revenue of Rs 1.22 billion in March 2022, an increase of 76.98%.

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UNTR are shares issued by PT United Tractors Tbk. dealing in the field of construction machinery and mining equipment. PT United Tractors Tbk. it is itself an industrial subsidiary of Astra International.

UNTR’s market capitalization is quite large, at 112.93 trillion rupees, and it has been facing a 38.72% increase in share value since the beginning of 2022.

These are the best stocks for 2022 long term that you can buy for long term investments.

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