Spy X Family Chapter 64: Release date and spoilers

Spy X Family Chapter 64: Release Date And Spoilers

Tatsuya Endo never fails to make any chapter interesting. After Chapter 63, we are very excited to hear about Chapter 64 of Spy X Family and the new quest that is yet to come. But, the way Chapter 63 ended showed us that the Spy X Family is not just about the Forger Family, but also about the spies that are working behind the scenes. After all, the main characters are nothing without the supporting characters. So now that we’ve read a chapter on supporting character Sylvia Sherwood, we hope to see the Forger Family again. We don’t know what adventure awaits us in the next Chapter 64 of Spy X Family. But, we’re definitely excited about it.

We’re sure you’ve been dying to know about the release date of the next chapter 64 of the Spy X Family. But we are here to provide more. Not only are we going to enlighten you with the release date of Spy X Family Chapter 64, but we’re also going to refresh your memories of what happened before. So let’s not waste any more seconds and jump right into this.

What happened so far? Spy X Family Chapter 63 – Recap

The chapter began with the controversy surrounding Jonas Wellman, the renowned former opera singer. There were plans for Jonas Wellman to travel to Westalis for a cultural exchange event. And this tour was supposed to improve the relationship between East and West countries. But, there are people who just don’t like peace. So any initiation for peace will be attacked by such people. And so it happened here too. Unfounded rumors began to spread like wildfire to defame Jonas Wellman. Whether these rumors are true or not, no one knows for sure. But there are always people who judge a book by its cover. And this time, the rookie agent was that person. Jonas Wellman even received a death threat.

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Spy X Family Chapter 64: Release Date And Spoilers
the suspicious policeman

But, the Manipulator, Sylvia Sherwood, is something. She kept her eyes open for anything that looked suspicious. And, she found it. While watching Jonas Wellman’s exit, she encountered a suspicious police officer without his baton. One of the best things about spies is that they always have their eyes everywhere. The Manipulator immediately put one of its undercover agents to work. The code language made things even more exciting. Just in time, that agent covered Jonas Wellman, who was trying to get out the back door, and the Handler took care of the suspicious officer.

Spy X Family Chapter 64
The handler in action

What to expect from chapter 64 of the Spy X family?

We got to see Sylvia Sherwood, the Handler, in action. So we can expect to see her in action again. Maybe not in the next chapter, but we’ll see her in action again for sure. Now that the previous chapter was about the Manipulator, we can expect to see Anya back in the upcoming Chapter 64 of the Spy X Family. Who knows, we might even see Sylvia in action with Anya. That would be one hell of a thing, wouldn’t it?

Spy X Family Chapter 64
Chapter 64 Expectations

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Spy X Family Chapter 64 Release Date

So far, “Spy X Family” has nine volumes up to Chapter 61. From Chapter 62 to the next most recent chapters, it has yet to be published in a Tankobon Volume. But, these chapters should be part of Volume 10 for sure. Now, let’s talk about the release dates for the next Chapter 64 of the Spy X Family. New chapters are released bimonthly, and the next Spy X Family Chapter 64 will be released on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

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Spy X Family Chapter 64
X Spy Family

Where to read the Spy X family?

For people who don’t know where to read “Spy X Family”, we’re here to help. You don’t have to feel lost while looking for the latest chapters of “Spy X Family” as you can easily read all previous and latest chapters of “Spy X Family” by Viz and Mangaplus.

Spy X Family Chapter 64: Release Date And Spoilers
Manipulator – Spy X Family

That’s all for now. We hope we helped you find all the answers you were looking for. Let us know which manga you want us to tackle next. And for more future updates on “Spy X Family”, keep in touch with OtakuKart.

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