“Sp0rting g1la korang, sedap suara Abby ..” – Netizen

“Sp0Rting G1La Korang, Sedap Suara Abby ..” – Netizen

The video duet of Norman Hakim with Abby Abadi on the beach attracts the attention of fans. Once again Abby changed the lyrics, Norman got sick of Abby, Haha !!

Earlier, actor Norman Hakim shared a video showing his family with Abby Abadi’s family going on holiday to Terenggan. The most exciting thing on this big family vacation is to take the bus.

Account overview Instagram Norman, uploaded a video while they were on the island. The video, which lasted more than 20 minutes, saw a large family relaxing by the beach and seeing Abby and Memey karaoke together.

In the middle of the video, Norman and Abby sang the duet song ‘Dua Insan’ and Abby managed to impress Norman and Memey by changing the lyrics until Norman laughed. Sharing the video caught the attention of many fans.

&Quot;Sp0Rting G1La Korang, Sedap Suara Abby ..&Quot; - Netizen

Some expressed a love for the current intimacy between Norman and Abby. To date, the video shared by Norman has seen more than 44,000 views since it was uploaded to the account. necessarily.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comment room, in addition to liking the video, internet users also praised Abby’s beautiful voice. Among the interesting comments are:

“If I fuck you, Abby’s voice is as delicious as Abby’s from time immemorial. Happy holidays guys, look at the best records on this island.”

“I hope you’re always happy, Abby sings melodic, hehe. I love seeing Norman and Abby’s brothers in this big family, a happy family.”

“Dad back there tmpat tido ke, happy holidays in Terengganu Norman, Memey and Abby. It’s family day ..”

If I see the true spirit of Norman singing, it’s cute to see the behavior of Norman, Memey, and Abby, who are close. Many people should like this big family, it is clear that their intimacy is visible.

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&Quot;Sp0Rting G1La Korang, Sedap Suara Abby ..&Quot; - Netizen

Everything Norman, Memey or Abby shared on the bill Instagram it certainly attracts the attention of the public. In fact, many praised Norman and Abby’s relationship, even though they divorced, they each had their own lives, they were still good friends.

&Quot;Sp0Rting G1La Korang, Sedap Suara Abby ..&Quot; - Netizen

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Source: IG Norman Hakim

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