Some of the worst floods India has experienced in recent years

Some Of The Worst Floods India Has Experienced In Recent Years

Heavy rains falling in northeastern India are leaving deaths that could increase in the coming days. Deadly floods are common in some parts of India, especially during the monsoon season, which lasts from July to September each year.

A natural disaster is a natural event that causes great material damage or loss of human lives. Natural disasters have had their sad history in India and elsewhere in the world.

Here are some of the deadliest floods to hit India

Gujarat 1979 – Machu II Dam

The Machhu II Dam collapsed on August 11, 1979, dropping all the power of the Macchu River to the city of Morbi. The disaster in West India has caused at least 1,335 deaths.

Bihar 1987

The most devastating flood in Bihar’s recent history occurred in 1987, when an avalanche blocked the Bhote Kosi River, flooding and destroying more than 1.7 million homes. The state government says 1,399 people and 5,302 animals died in the floods.

Gujarat 2005

In 2005, more than 131 people died in heavy rain in the western state of Gujarat. The rain also displaced more than 175,000 people.

Mumbai 2005

According to the National Bureau of Disaster Management, 1,094 people were killed in the floods.

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Uttarakhand 2013

The worst weather-related floods in India’s recent history occurred in June 2013, killing an estimated 5,000 people and nearly a million affected by the disaster in Uttarakhand and neighboring Himachal Pradesh.

List of recent floods

Floods in Uttarakhand2021: Lost Lives: 200

Floods in Maharashtra2021: Lost Lives: 251

Floods in Kerala2018: Lost Lives: 445

Floods in Gujarat2017: Lost Lives: 220

Assam floods2017: Lost Lives: 150

Tamil Nadu Floods, 2015: Lost Lives: 470

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir2014: Lost Lives: 270

Floods in Brahmaputra2012: Lost Lives: 120

Himalayan floods 2012: Lost Lives: 31

Northeastern countries Floods 2019: 50 lives lost

Floods in Bihar2007: Lost Lives: 1,287

Surat floods2006: Lost Lives: 200

The Mumbai floods2005: Lost Lives: 1,094

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