Solo Concerto Vtuber Hololive Calliope Mori Digelar Bulan Juli

Solo Concerto Vtuber Hololive Calliope Mori Digelar Bulan Juli

A new Hololive Vtuber solo show is about to happen, and this time Calliope Mori will host the show.

It is known that he will hold a solo concert on July 21, 2022. While New Underworld Order will take place at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo, Japan, the concert will also be streamed online.

You can order merchandise inspired by the event, which is expected to ship between June and July 2022.

The announcement did not say how long the show would be. However, they do offer a way to buy tickets and view them online.

SPWN sells for $39. If anyone buys the ticket, they can watch the show which will be held on July 21, 2022 and August 21, 2022.

The official website of the solo concert Vtuber Hololive also shows the EP Shinigami Note and the music video for “Red”.

As for Calliope merchandise, Hololive sells acrylic lamps, T-shirts and towels. Each merchandise has the New Underworld Order logo.

Vtuber Hololive Solo Concert

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The $23 acrylic lamp produces a pink glow when used. The t-shirt itself is $35, while the towel is $23. There’s also a bundle that includes all three of the above with stickers for $81.

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While all of these items are available for immediate order in Japan until May 23, 2022, worldwide orders will not open until June 15, 2022.

Meanwhile, we can listen to Calliope’s music without watching the show. That’s because his album Unalive was re-released in March 2022. This album contains songs like “Unalive” and “Q”, a song he performed with Gura.

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