Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller

Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller
Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller – Synopsis Movie Gone Girl 2022 Psychological Thriller United States . Gone Girl nominated Rosamund Pike for Oscars, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Best Actress Screen Actors Guild Awards at various prestigious award ceremonies. Needless to say, David Fincher was nominated for Best Director at the same event as Rosamund Pike at the Golden Globes.

In this film, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, who play a couple, play Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne. Gone Girl is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn. In this film, the author of the novel is also involved in making a setting that fits the story of the book.

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  • Year of release: 2014
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Production house: Regency Enterprises and TSG Entertainment
  • Director: David Fincher
  • Main Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry

Nick Dunn is a former journalist and currently unemployed. He and his wife, Aimee Dunne, decided to move to their hometown, a quiet town in Missouri. Meanwhile, Amy prefers to stay at her former residence in New York. Amy who was celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary suddenly disappeared without a trace, strangely. A confused Nick reports the incident to the police for investigation.

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Detective Ronda, who is leading the investigation, finds bloodstains and suspects that Nick killed his wife. Also, Detective Ronda has plenty of evidence that Nick and Amy’s family life has collapsed due to financial problems. Once he has the evidence and the results of his investigation, he establishes Nick as a tentative suspect.

The issue of Amy’s disappearance attracted public attention and became a hot topic of discussion in various mass media. Amy herself is a character in a children’s book series called Amazing Amy, and this book was written by her parents and made her famous in the community at large.

Meanwhile, Amy mysteriously plans to disappear, and she too fakes the news of his death. He did this because he wanted revenge on his husband who had an affair with a woman named Andie Hardy Gerald. Amy is now hiding from her house and has changed her appearance.

Meanwhile, Nick meets Margo, who explains that he didn’t kill Amy. Nick also asked his lawyer, Tanner Bolt, to help him with the process.

He then went to his wife’s ex-boyfriend Desi Collings to ask him to let her know if there was any information on Amy’s whereabouts. But she didn’t know anything, so Desi refused.

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Nick and his girlfriend Andy hold a press meeting to acknowledge their relationship with the mass media at this time. And then he shows up at a meeting and apologizes for not being her husband. Also on the show, he insists he is not a murderer.

Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller

Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller
Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller movie

Meanwhile, Amy asks Desi Collings for help. Deshi tells him to temporarily stay at her residence. There, Amy watches a talk show apologizing to her husband. Then she changes her plans feeling sorry for Nick.

Amy then invites Desi to make her look like a kidnapped and raped man. He seduces her for sex and kills her in bed.

After the game’s success, Amy returned home full of blood to meet her husband. Her presence makes all the reporters excited in Nick’s apartment. Therefore, Nick is no longer suspected of being a suspect, and the charge of being a murderer is clear.

But Amy tells the real Nick that she killed Deci. Amy wants Nick to stay as her husband after seeing Nick apologize on television. Nick invites her husband to a press conference, despite wanting to separate, and publicly announces that she is pregnant and expecting a child.

Full of unexpected surprises : Gone Girl is more than just a movie that tells the story of a man who has just lost his wife. But other than that, this movie seeks to unravel the mystery behind his wife who actually disappeared for some reason.

Knowing why, you can be sure that Gone Girl delivers a big twist through its psychological thriller elements. Before we get into the surprises, early in the movie we get a glimpse of Nick and Amy building a dream wedding. As time passes, we are faced with the fact that your house is not as good as it looks. The tension gets even more interesting when Amy is allegedly murdered by her husband.

The story continues through the previous plot and continues through flashbacks, prioritizing the perspectives between Nick and Amy. There are at least three perspectives that I try to build in this film. First, let’s see Nick looking for his wife. Then there’s Amy’s look through her journal entries and the underlying motivations as to why she disappeared and committed the murders. The third turn happens at the same time that Nick and Amy finally get together and try to solve the problems they’ve encountered. Even if it is presented through such a presentation, our people who see it will not be confused and will still be able to appreciate the story clearly. The interesting thing about the flashback scene is that there is a narrator who narrates Amy herself.

This approach invites us, as an audience, to enter Amy’s mind through her manipulative actions. That said, Rosamund Pike’s voice as Amy certainly makes for very interesting dialogue and sounds like a good narrator. The intonation is also appealing to the ear, but otherwise very intimidating. Her narration sounded like a menacing voice, but with a gentle tone.

Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller

Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller
Sinopsis Gone Girl 2022 American Psychological Thriller movie2

The main character who looks satisfying :From the beginning, Gone Girl took on a very interesting story. Every problem presented in this film is full of twists, creating a scene that won’t disappoint.

This movie seems to try to portray some meaning about marriage, beyond the psychological factors that Nick and Amy go through. If psychological elements and thrillers weren’t the great themes of Gone Girl, this film would be a typical home drama open to the public.

I commend David Fincher and Gillian Flynn for their excellent work in exploring the psychological elements of the thriller in this film. Aside from these two, let’s not forget Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck in their roles as Amy and Nick. They were able to showcase their acting skills in a solid and satisfying way.

Rosamund describes Amy’s personality, who is very manipulative due to her dangerous behavior. She is beautiful, intelligent and full of “crazy” plans to control her husband. Amy herself looks very elegant and attractive because of her face, but her personality is the opposite of what she shows.

No wonder she stole movie shows and was nominated for many leading actress awards at various prestigious awards. Gone Girl is without a doubt one of the best movies he has ever starred in in his career in the film world.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck also plays the narcissist Nick Dunne. Not as popular as Rosamund, he managed to play the character Nick the scammer. Nick, on the other hand, is described as lazy because he’s not working anymore and seems naive when he’s not actually working.

Gone Girl enjoys a very satisfying scene as a character with mental health issues approaches unexpected twists. With a viewing time of 2 hours or more, watching this movie is guaranteed not to be in vain.

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