Single moms ‘keep’ the pain of ovarian cancer to care for children abandoned due to accidents

Single Moms ‘Keep’ The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To Accidents
Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To Accidents

The weight of the eyes seemed, the weight of the shoulders that carried it. Out of love for the child, the mother is willing to put aside her pain and forget the suffering she has experienced in order to take care of the child who was abandoned as a result of a traffic accident.

Your life journey has been tested one by one. Also, when she separates from her ex-husband, just so she can get to know the health issues she is facing. render. For the sake of the children, she got up and put the pain aside to care for and move on with the children she loved.

It is hoped that the story shared by Natipah Abu will help this family a little.

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So the mother CANNOT get sick, who wants to take care of the child, the family but HER?

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Let go of the pain for the child’s sake

“I’m Shanani, a 44-year-old single mother. I separated from my ex-husband two years ago after 19 years of living together.

Two months after the separation, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent ovary removal surgery followed by chemotherapy.

Originally I just underwent surgery to remove the cysts on my ovaries.

A month after the surgery, a specialist doctor contacted me and asked me to go to the hospital.

The doctor reported that with the test result on the cyst sample sent to the lab, some cancer cells were detected and I had to have chemotherapy within a month to prevent it from spreading to other parts.

At that time, I was shocked and could only shed tears. In your mind just imagine the faces of the children.

How my three kids will get on with life if something happens to me.

At that time, I really felt really down about the exam that came. The test that came happened to me as if I didn’t have time to get up, it came again and again.

Feeling and sitting again, that’s how I am. To some extent I feel, I don’t want to live anymore.

With enthusiasm from the family and children, I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy treatment.

Kimo’s impression is that I feel numbness in my palms, my fingers hurt every time I wake up in the morning and I also feel pain in my wrists.

My weight also dropped dramatically. The doctor said it would take time to recover.

Since the separation, I have been fully responsible for caring for and managing all of the children’s needs with the help of other immediate family members.

Tested again, second child involved in accident

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Almighty God finally broke my heart when I was once again tested.

Six months ago, my 17-year-old second son was involved in an accident.

Since then, I have recovered against all feelings. I have a great responsibility to my children.

I have to be strong and resilient for the sake of the kids. I “forgot” about the mental and physical suffering I suffered as a result of divorce and cancer.

My son who was riding a motorcycle was hit by an ice truck while crossing the road to the football field.

At the time of the incident, he was still conscious and able to speak normally. There were only minor injuries to the limbs.

Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To AccidentsHe should have done SPM this year.

Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To Accidents
It seems to be just a light memory, but the oxygen drops and remains unconscious..

low oxygen levels

As he was on his way to the hospital by ambulance, he started vomiting and told, his neck hurt. He repeatedly told her that he wanted to sleep.

Apparently my son’s oxygen levels have dropped and are continuing to be oxygenated and put to sleep.

His head was hit hard and caused bleeding.

His skull was also cracked.

According to the doctor, my son’s condition is very critical and needs immediate surgery.
As a result of the accident, his right skull had to be removed and some of his nerves were no longer normal.

So far my son is still abandoned. Just drink special milk in a tube punctured in the stomach. The back of the neck was also pierced to facilitate breathing.

He is also receiving follow-up treatment at the hospital. Average appointments, two – three times a month. To fulfill the appointment, I had to use an external ambulance service.

Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To AccidentsAbandoned, sick mother gets up again because of the child.

The third child has a hollow heart problem

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My third child, 16 years old and studying in Form 4. He has had a pierced heart since birth and has had surgery twice as a child.

There is 1 more hole that cannot be closed. Every year, we will undergo cardiac exams and scans for the latest developments.

The hospital recently gave a date for my son to have another surgery on 6/23/2022.

Since my second child had an accident, I cannot go to work because of his care, which needs constant monitoring.

Alhamdulillah, I received help from JKM and ZAKAT because I have no other income.

For now, my main needs are my son’s disposable diapers and his special milk which is very expensive.

At the same time, I have yet to give birth to two children who are still studying.

Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To AccidentsPhoto during the last Aidilfitri celebration.

Priority for children only

That was the statement by Ms. Shanani about test after test she passed.

Respect Ms. Shahani from not sharing about her ex-husband based on “respect”. All that can be said, her place changed as soon as the divorce was called off.

What is your priority right now is meeting the children’s needs.

Single Moms 'Keep' The Pain Of Ovarian Cancer To Care For Children Abandoned Due To Accidentsbeautiful moment. … Healthy Current Memories.

To fulfill the mother’s wish to get a little help with the intention of buying disposable diapers and special Muhammad Danish Hakim milk.

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Women’s Week: May Ms. Shahani receive strength and her children recover as usual. God tests His able servants and He will not test His servants beyond their ability.

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