Seohyun SNSD’s performance in ‘Jinxed at First’ is in the spotlight, Kim Sejeong’s name is also mentioned

Seohyun Snsd’s Performance In ‘Jinxed At First’ Is In The Spotlight, Kim Sejeong’s Name Is Also Mentioned

Seohyun Snsd'S Performance In 'Jinxed At First' Is In The Spotlight, Kim Sejeong'S Name Is Also Mentioned
Acting ability Seohyun SNSD (A generation of girls) in his latest drama, “At first jinxedHe garnered much attention. She is said to be the queen of K-drama, adapted from the webtoon in her footsteps Kim Sejeong.

Based on the online movie titled “The Jinx’s Lover”, “Jinxed at First” is a fantasy romantic drama about what happens when an unhappy man meets the goddess of fortune. On the other hand, she is a goddess of fortune who tries to undo the curse even though it was hidden by a conglomerate family.

On In Woo played the role of an unfortunate fishmonger named Gong Soo Kwang. Meanwhile, Seohyun plays the character of Seoul Bi, a girl who has a special power to see the future of the people she touches.

Seohyun’s performance as an innocent and optimistic Seoul Bi managed to impress viewers. His syncing with the character is rated so good that it looks like he “came out of the webtoon”. In addition, the occasional improvement in his playing is also highly acknowledged by many clients.

Source: KBS / SBS

As a result, there are many people hoping that Seohyun will be able to follow in the footsteps of Kim Sejeong as the next “goddess” of K-drama adapted from the webtoon. This is linked to Kim Sejeong’s success when he played the role of Shin Ha Ri in the webtone’s dramatic adaptation. “Business offer“.

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Not only the audience, Na In Woo, who is Seohyun’s co-star in this drama, was also impressed with her acting abilities. On In Woo, she especially praised Seohyun’s expressive look, so she was able to portray the different emotions of her character.

Meanwhile, “Jinxed at First” was also praised for an interesting story. According to most viewers, this drama has a very amusing and entertaining plot, although they did not have high expectations before.

Thanks to this, the first episode of the drama recorded 3.9% viewership, while the second episode increased to 4.4%. In fact, the highest viewership per minute reached 5.7 percent.

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