Security registrars urge workers to end strike – Punch Newspapers ›NewsyKeeda

Security Registrars Urge Workers To End Strike – Punch Newspapers ›Newsykeeda

Varsity Registrar urges workers to end strike – Punch Newspapers ›NewsyKeeda #Varsity #Registrars #Urge #Workers #Strike #Punch #Newspapers #NewsyKeeda Welcome to the TmZ blog, here is a new story we have for you today:

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The Association of Nigerian University Registrars has called on 4 unions in institutions currently on strike to change their method into negotiations with the federal government.

The registrars, who are also members of one of the many hanging unions, the Association of Older Workers of Nigerian Universities, mentioned that the continuation of the strike means severe penalties for the country’s financial system.

  • Security Registrars Urge Workers To End Strike - Punch Newspapers ›Newsykeeda

  • Security Registrars Urge Workers To End Strike - Punch Newspapers ›Newsykeeda

President of ARNU, dr. Abubakar Mamuda, who made the remarks at the 71st assembly of the association in Abuja on Thursday, expressed concern over the devastating consequences of the economic disaster for scholars and the standard of schooling.

“It is true that union struggles have led to significant advantages of the Nigerian university system. Nevertheless, given its destructive consequences for UXO, a change in the way the unions in the emergency house they call for may be needed, “he said.

When asked to recommend another method for affected unions and hanged staff, the ARNU chief mentioned: “Some have called for us to always follow the best path of Germany; {yes} the codecision method is adopted, where UXO working councils could be set up.

” Working councils will be made up of representatives of employees and the authorities; then the problems with the circumstances of the companies and the remuneration are likely to be resolved without hindering the implementation of the exercises. “

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