Secondary Needs – Definition and Factors and Examples

Secondary Needs – Definition And Factors And Examples

secondary need – Enter this requirement which is required after a primary requirement. There are also examples of secondary needs such as refrigerators, televisions, magazines, entertainment, newspapers and others.

It is clear that, in this necessity, efforts must be made so that human activities can be fulfilled and not disturbed, and have a very limited number.

You are certainly familiar with the term secondary needs, right? In this review we will discuss the definition, examples and characteristics which will be summarized in a clear and easy to understand way. Come on… Check out the explanation below.

What are secondary needs?

Understanding secondary needs it is a human need that must be met once the primary needs are met.

While these secondary needs can be described as additional needs, in secondary needs they are complementary to primary or basic needs. This need is a need that can support human life to make it better.

Even if this need cannot be met, this is not a problem because it does not affect the sustainability of human life. But human needs are well supported when those needs can be met with each individual.

In life, there are other needs for secondary needs in each factor. Because these needs are influenced by many factors and the following factors can affect secondary needs:

  • Psychological or lifestyle factors.
  • Factors on the environment.
  • Factors with prevailing traditional.

Factors that influence secondary needs

Secondary Need

Everyone has a very different level of needs and wants. On closer inspection, there will be many factors that can influence these differences, and the following factors will influence secondary needs, namely:

A. Environment

The environment is a factor that can affect the needs of each individual. It can be said that each person who lives in a different environment has different needs.

B. Religion

Religion is a factor that can affect the needs of each individual, for example, the needs of Muslims and Christians are very different. Muslims are prohibited from eating pork, while Christians are allowed to eat pork.

C. Development of the Ages

Age is a difficult time cycle to predict, the difference between present and past needs will be clearly visible. If people could live without smartphones in ancient times, anyone could say they needed smartphones to survive.

Along with the evolution of time, people need to be able to keep up with the emergence of various foods, luxurious life and so on.

D. Customs

Tradition or custom is a difference in each national group. Of course, the needs of each individual differ in these different habits.

Examples of secondary needs

The following are examples of these needs in full human daily life.

  • smartphone or Mobileas a need for entertainment and communication.
  • Equipment inside Studyingsuch as office stationery i.e. books, pens, erasers, pencils, rulers and so on.
  • Portable computer or Computeras an aid in completing a job or task and for entertainment purposes.
  • Equipment one Clothesto support the main clothes, including shoes, jackets, sandals, bags, socks, hats and so on.
  • Leisureas elimination of the feeling of satiety and boredom.
  • Internetas an aid in accessing communication as well as information.
  • private vehicleas a necessity in mobility and transport, such as motorcycles, bicycles and cars.
  • Electronic devicesie TV, washing machine, radio, air conditioner, refrigerator, camera, microwave, fan and so on.
  • Konsol gameas a necessity in the entertainment of playing a game.
  • Sportas the maintenance of physical conditioning in the body which can be in the form of physical conditioning, running, gymnastics, soccer, swimming and others.
  • Furniture inside Domestici.e. how to put in the house, such as chairs, tables, sofas, shelves, cabinets, beds, lamps and so on.
  • tablewarenamely spoons, plates, forks, glasses, etc.
  • Equipment per Cookingnamely pans, ovens, stoves, knives, spatulas, etc.
  • Equipment inside WCfor example, a ladle, a bath, a toothbrush, a towel, soap, and so on.
  • Trainingnamely through electronic means (TV, radio), journalistic means (newspapers, magazines), or access to the Internet (online news).

In that need, having something that is so important in everyday life that it is needed after a primary need.

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Hence the discussion we can convey about Secondary Needs. Hope it can be useful..

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