SCP 009 Atlantic Ocean Viral, what does this mean?

Scp 009 Atlantic Ocean Viral, What Does This Mean?

For those wondering what is SCP 009? then you can see our explanation of SCP 009 in the Atlantic Ocean, which recently went viral and was widely discussed by netizens.

It all started with a video that went viral and made many people curious about SCP 009 Levi Leviathan.

Have you ever thought that in this world there is a very big monster? because the world we currently live in is very large, so we will never know what is in this world.

It is possible that there really are Monsters as described by SCP 009. Because currently the discussion about SCP 009 Atlantic Ocean is going viral because the content appears on FYP tiktok.

What is SCP 009?

Before discussing the viral SCP 009, study with Yudha to explain the meaning of SCP. SCP is a foundation of security, containment and protection.

So SCP is an agency that analyzes strange objects, entities and creatures that exist on Earth.

And now SCP 009 is performing experiments on my creatures. one of the experiments conducted by SCP 009 is Red Ice or Red ES.

Some people call Red Ice a red monster or a strange creature that lives in the land.

For an awsam, one might think that the SCP is an organization that only exists in fiction or the world of cinema. Within SCP 009 there are many writers who provide scary content such as the monsters that exist in the Atlantic Ocean today.

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It turns out that the contents of the SCP are incorrect and the SCP organization does not exist on this earth.

SCP 009 The Atlantic Ocean that is going viral

In a video circulating on tiktok right now, there is a music video showing a strange red monster living in the Atlantic Ocean.

The organization claims that the Red Ice Monster is SCP 009.

And actually, SCP 009 is not like the monster shown in the tiktok video that is going viral. Because the SCP itself is a red monster.

Meanwhile, the snippet in the tiktok video doesn’t show that the monster is red or ice-shaped.

So that the monster netizens call SCP is not SCP 009 but has a similar appearance to SCP 169.

SCP 169 is a monster or ruler of the world’s oceans that has a very large body when compared to other creatures.

Video Link SCP 009 Leviathan

Scp 009 Atlantic Ocean
SCP 009 Atlantic Ocean

If you want to see the shape of the red monster SCP 009, you can use the following link:

Is SCP 009 really in the Atlantic Ocean?

According to observers of strange creatures, it is claimed that SCP 009 is the result of the creator’s content being edited with the intention of going viral.

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Because there is no authentic evidence that the strange creature in the video is an SCP creature. So the news about Red ES or SCP monster is just a hoax and not true.

So far the news about the monster cannot be verified with the truth. But we also cannot deny that there are no strange creatures on this earth.

Because this world is very big and there must be strange creatures living on this earth.

If indeed there are strange creatures in this world, this will not be openly published and will continue to be analyzed by experts. Perhaps that’s all we can say about the video of SCP 009 that is currently going viral in Leviathan’s content.

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