School teacher Manu Gulati dances in the viral ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’.

School Teacher Manu Gulati Dances In The Viral ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’.

A Delhi school teacher danced with her students so that she is dominated on social media. In the video, the school teacher dances with her students to the music Kajra Mohabbat wala. More than three thousand people saw this video in a few hours.

The video was shared by a teacher named Manu Gulati on his Twitter and Instagram. The video is being well liked in both places. However, some people are also opposed to it, calling the dance unnecessary.

Manu Gulati dances at Kajra Mohabbat Wala

Manu Gulati wrote with this video: ‘Take the entire Meena Bazaar of Delhi city. Our dance was on the last day of summer camp. It took us to some of the best moments of happiness and togetherness.

Getting love on social media

People are really enjoying this video by Professor Manu Gulati. Someone is writing that I wish there was a teacher like that in their school too. So someone is saying that there was no education like this in her time.

Opponents are also present.

Some people are also commenting negatively on Professor Manu Gulati’s video. He says it’s not right to dance like that at school. Some Twitter users wrote that it would have been better if the school girls had been trained to protect themselves at the dance venue.

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