Satire: The Monu Trial – The Audience

Satire: The Monu Trial – The Audience

Satire: The Monu Judgment

In our country, words like legal judgment, media are often heard on trial. A new word is being heard here, The Monu Judgment.
This is a new kind of judgment that emerged from vulture journalism. This judgment is like taking Rakhi Sawant for her views on India’s Look East policy. That is, those questions are asked that the prisoner heard for the first time and then comes back to get surprising answers from them.
There was a Monu in our village too. Very verbose and very ambitious. Monu used to go to school occasionally. He had only one taste, despite being chubby all day, with food in his throat and watching YouTube on his cell phone. Neither going to school nor taking care of younger siblings – helps with studies. Other than that, neither helping with any housework nor taking care of the cow goat. How long does one feed chaat in the village with frivolous things.
“I feel good
karma raha ghadi”
The life of Manharan alias Monu de Terai was like this saying Awadhi.

The father raised a poor goat, raised two bighas and raised Monu and his family. But Monu had to appear on YouTube and Facebook, with matargashti and spicy food. Although Monu was sixteen years old, but due to not growing in height and not having hair and body hair, he told himself that he was twelve years old.
So someone told Monu that if you want to juggle a smooth bite, come to the media. If you want to get into the media, then contact the minister. There, the media remains the media.
If there’s talk in the media, then it’s fun.
Crying to the minister, Monu said –
“We want to serve the country by studying, sir, but we are poor.”
The media was fascinated by this issue of connivance and the media was there, so arrangements for Monu’s education were made immediately.
A few days in Monu village was asked on camera
“Why do you want to study”?
“Want to serve the country by becoming an IAS,” Monu said, waving his hand.
“What class are you in now and what do you do?” asked Mike.
“I’m in fifth grade now. I study day and night, teach my brothers and sisters.

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If I have time, I gather and teach the children of my community. This is how my education expenses go. But now good education costs more and my Bapu spends all my money drinking toddy” Monu was very sad to say this.
Mike and the camera turn to Monu’s poor father. The father who doesn’t even eat cloves and cardamom. The microphone turns towards him and the voice comes from behind –
“Look at this, this dreaded father, this villainous father, who squanders an innocent child’s money drinking toddy.”
The poor father is silent scared and thinks that the big ones have come, maybe if you take my Monu then he must be polite, even after hearing all these insults, thinking about the children’s interest, he remains silent.
Another Mike asks Monu – “But in the village education is free, so what’s the matter with you”?
“Mr. Shukla with English and Ms. Zarina with Mathematics in the village can’t teach their subjects, so send us to a big school,” says Monu.
“Well, how can you say that the lord and lady of a government school don’t know the subject well? So say the spelling of your village in English and count the eleven o’clock table then “?
Hearing this, Monu is stunned. Winds begin to blow in his face. He didn’t expect such a question.
When he didn’t understand anything, he started to cry bitterly.
The country was moved by this cry of resignation.

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A few days were spent happily with the Mumbai actor’s NGO money.
When the Mumbai Madhumas’ money ran out, the help of Bhojpuri cinema actors took the expenses out of Biryani and YouTube for a few days.
Mike remembered Monu again and Monu remembered Mike again.
Mike asked –
“What the government and celebrities did to help him. How are your studies now?
Monu said –
“The prime minister should call us and make sure he bears the full cost of our studies until we grow up. Tomorrow, if he is not the PM, our studies may be incomplete.
“And what did the celebrities give away?” asked Mike?
“They sent us empty books, bags, etc. The Bhojpuri star said that we will ship the Ertiga car and also pay the driver. Now tell me if there is no car so how do we go to school. The hero people of Mumbai had said that after building our pucca house, they would install air conditioning in it. Now tell me how we read in this heat. These heroes from Bhojpuri and Mumbai are all liars, they all don’t want a poor kid like me to study and become an IAS, it’s also the government’s responsibility to help us with all these things so that I can move the country forward by becoming one IAS
Mike said “Byte ok, turn off the camera, job done”.
The camera has been placed.

Monu has now removed her makeup.
Lowering the mic, the mic guy asked –
“You were enrolled at Sainik School, were there any problems with accommodation and food? Why did you come back anyway?”
Monu looked at both the microphone and the camera with a keen eye and asked –
“It’s all closed, isn’t it, there won’t be registration now”?
The media people nodded in agreement. After getting solace, Monu said –
“See, there was plenty of comfort to eat and drink. Chicken-mutton, egg, fruit were all there. But there was a restriction on some things, it didn’t allow us to run the cell phone, or YouTube or any reel. If we don’t run all this for two or three hours at night, we won’t be able to sleep. The other used to wake us up early in the morning. We worried a lot about that, if we woke up early, we wouldn’t go to school in the village. We weren’t even allowed to meet the media people, because of all these restrictions, we left. Here some jugaad will continue to happen with the grace of you media people.
Saying that, Monu started to laugh.

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The camera and microphone were there, but not turned off. The media is a place where the hunter himself sometimes becomes the victim.
This off-screen news went viral. Monu has a big damn. The TRP of this exclusive news kept increasing and in a few days the media made Monu a villain of Victim.
But the game of Monu and the media continues. Though he remains normal but as soon as he gets under JD’s media camera he starts screaming and banging his head and crying.
Media people were confused after seeing this. When he asked, a villager said that – there is a hospital for brain patients in Dehradun, heard that there is a very good arrangement for living and eating, a smart TV is also installed which also comes with YouTube and Facebook, that’s it. The news spread in the village”.
The media asked the man
“What’s the point of all this boy crying and crying”?
Hearing this, the village man laughs and pulls the media person away.
Why did you start laughing after reading all this?

Comedy Writer – Dilip Kumar

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