Samsung ISOCELL HP3, the world’s smallest 200 megapixel sensor

Samsung Isocell Hp3, The World’s Smallest 200 Megapixel Sensor

Korea, gizmology – Now more and more Android smartphones from different price segments are using sensors made by Samsung. From the main sensor to the ultra wide-angle, the South Korean retailer is now presenting its latest generation of 200 MP sensors. Through the ISOCELL HP3 series with the smallest micropixel dimensions in the world.

Presence of the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 sensor itself is a 200 MP sensor for the second released smartphone camera – the first generation, ISOCELL HP1, was introduced in September 2021. However, there are no commercially available smartphones to carry on the market. Except for those that were also released at the same time, namely the ISOCELL GN5 50MP.

With a minimum micropixel size of 0.56 um, the dimensions of the sensor can be made more compact. “Samsung will strive to provide epic resolution beyond the professional level for smartphone camera users,” JoonSeo Yim, executive vice president of Sensor Business Team, Samsung Electronics, said on Thursday (June 23rd). What are the benefits of this latest Samsung camera sensor?

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It can combine 16 individual pixels at a time

Samsung Isocell Hp3
Samsung ISOCELL HP3, the world's smallest 200 megapixel sensor Samsung ISOCELL HP3 001

With a smaller individual pixel size, the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 can deliver a resolution of 200 MP only in the 1 / 1.4 inch sensor format. Compared to the previous generation, the overall dimensions have decreased by 20%. This means that smartphone retailers will be able to implement this sensor on high-end devices with thinner profiles or physical dimensions in the future.

Like the previous generation, ISOCELL HP3 supports two types of pixel aggregation or what they call “Tetra2pixel”. Under appropriate lighting conditions, the sensor can combine four individual pixels and create a 50 MP photo with a pixel size of 1.12 μm. In low light, 16 pixels are combined into a large single pixel size of 2.24 um, in a photo with a resolution of 12.5 MP.

So this latest Samsung smartphone with sensors can create quality photos in a variety of lighting conditions. The built-in Smart-ISO Pro technology can also capture images in 14-bit colors. Combined with the latest HDR, photos can have a wider dynamic range than before.

Samsung ISOCELL HP3 supports 8K video resolution

Samsung Isocell Hp1
Samsung ISOCELL HP3, the world's smallest 200 megapixel sensor Samsung ISOCELL GN5 001

In addition to the quality of the photo, the ability to focus on the sensor is also important. ISOCELL HP3 is equipped with a Super QPD autofocus solution. All pixels in the sensor have an autofocus function, and they also use one lens in every four adjacent pixels. To detect the phase difference in the horizontal and vertical directions.

Simply put, this technology can create a faster and more accurate focusing system for smartphone users. And with very high resolution, smartphones using the ISOCELL HP3 sensor can capture videos up to 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps without having to crop too much. With fast focus capture, video results can be of higher quality.

The Samsung ISOCELL HP3 itself has now started production in sample form, and the final form is ready for mass production starting this year. There is no information on which vendors will use it. For information, the ISOCELL GN5 sensor, released last September, has been used in the Galaxy S22, S22 + and a number of smartphones released by iQOO.

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