Sam Heughan Revealed A Sad But Unexpected Detail About The Outlander Prequel

Sam Heughan Revealed A Sad But Unexpected Detail About The Outlander Prequel


the prequel to Abroad It’s a fact, but Sam Heughan just broke some news that fans didn’t like at all. Know what it is.

Sam Heughan In Outlander©IMDBSam Heughan in Outlander

Even if the years go by, Abroad continues to be a successful series. Based on Diana Gabaldon booksthis fiction arrives starz in 2014 and, after its debut in Netflix, crossed borders with his captivating and moving love story. Starred by Sam Heughan oui Caitriona Balfethe tape has already released six seasons that have brought the same adrenaline to viewers.

So it’s no wonder that starz decided to open the universe of Abroad. Although now the actors are working on the seventh season, where Sam Heughan oui Caitriona Balfe they will be again Jamie and Claire Fraser, there will also be a prequel to the series. This information was confirmed by the same actors, but there is a small detail that, perhaps, the fans do not like at all.

Good, Sam Heughan confessed that he would like to appear in the prequel to Abroad, but a few hours ago in an interview he assured that he did not have the opportunity. In fact, the new story will focus on Jamie’s parents, as far as the character is concerned, he’s playing the adult, current version. That’s why he recently clarified that there would be a Jamie, but in a younger version.

« All I can say is that I’m not in the mood. Like Jamie, I’m not. I think it’s a prequel that focuses on Jamie’s parents when they were younger, so I think you might see a younger version of him at some point.he started saying Squire. Then he added: But I think I’m too old to play a young Jamie right now.”.

Even so, it should be noted that Heughan left the doors open for a possible appearance:Could he play his father maybe or flash-forward? After all, it’s time travel.”. However, the truth is that it is not yet known exactly if your character’s parents will be the protagonists, or when this series will start to work. So much so that Sam’s and Jamie’s future is still certain Abroadbut not in its extended universe.

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