Sabah Health Department investigates child death incident – My NEWS ONLINE

Sabah Health Department Investigates Child Death Incident – My News Online

Sabah Health Department Investigates Child Death Incident - My News Online

KINABALU CITY -The Sabah State Department of Health (JKNS) is investigating in detail and transparently the issue of newborn deaths that occurred at Sabah Children’s and Women’s Hospital (HWKKS).

Sabah State Health Director Datuk Dr. Rose Nani Mudin said the baby’s mother is in a stable condition and is receiving further treatment and counseling by the hospital at this time.

This is JKNS’ response to the contagious transmission on social media related to the case of the death of a newborn baby in the hospital.

“JKNS would like to express its condolences to this baby’s entire family. JKNS also confirmed that the incident took place at Sabah Women’s and Children’s Hospital on June 19,” he said in a statement today.

According to him, his party is taking note of the incident and is carrying out an investigation into all comments received with the aim of improving the quality of its services.

Yesterday, a Facebook user uploaded a screen alleging that his brother’s first child died due to the hospital’s negligence in handling the case.

Based on the display, the hospital was also unable to contact the patient’s family to inform them about the surgery.

The hospital’s attempts to contact the sister’s husband were unsuccessful, however, there was no initiative to contact or inform the patient’s family after the baby’s death.

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