RI will export rice from China to Saudi

Ri Will Export Rice From China To Saudi

EN.BADAKSATU.COM, Jakarta – Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that Indonesia will soon export rice to China, Brunei Darussalam and Saudi Arabia. Rice export plans echo in line with the large volume of domestic food commodity inventories.

“Mr President, according to the requests of many countries, only 100 thousand tons have been agreed, but in fact we have overstock over 7 million tons. We don’t want to export, but we admit it, I hope there are no problems,” said Syahrul, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Syahrul said the demand for rice from the three countries is quite large. He said China has submitted a rice import request of 2.4 million tonnes per year.

While Brunei Darussalam 100 thousand tons per year. Then Saudi Arabia submitted an import request for 1,500 tonnes per year.

However, for now, the government can only export 100,000 tonnes per year. Syahrul said the government wanted to keep household food needs safe.

Syahrul added that real demand from other countries is not just for commodities. Singapore, for example, asked Indonesia to ship other commodities such as chicken eggs and chicken meat.

“So far, 22 countries have closed to exports. Yesterday we were asked by Singapore for eggs and chicken because Malaysia closed (the export faucet),” he said.

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He said this condition cannot be separated from the threat of a global food crisis that is looming. Therefore, the step of turning off the export tap by several countries is an opportunity for Indonesia to export food, including rice.

“For now, don’t let the opportunity be taken advantage of by other countries,” he said.

He said that currently several export players have started to offer their products for export. “Our milling friends who are in good quality are already competing to offer themselves for export, especially those from Java,” he said.


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